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Change your mindset in order to prosper, O, ye Africans of no hope

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Wed, 21 Dec 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Until you and I, dark-skinned Africans, change our deplorable attitudes, ways and mindsets, our countries, or continent, will never get developed. We shall forever wallow in stagnation and in poverty; suffer denigration and be treated as subhuman by our contemporary neighbours on other continents.

Let me limit myself to Ghana in my discussion of Africa as a continent and a people.

To start with, let my fellow Ghanaians understand that when you offer a Ghanaian a finger, they will end up taking your whole arm. That is how greedy most of us Ghanaians are. Not only that, we are absurdly selfish and overly individualistic in our thinking, quests, and pursuits for materialistic wealth. We are ignorant in all facets of our life and suffer from chronic "pull him down" syndrome, thus, "aho3yea".

The African does not want to see a member of their own family prosper apart from him or herself, let alone, his friend or his countryman. No wonder Ghana or Africa abounds in harmful witchcraft.

Indulgence in evil thoughts automatically makes one become a witch or a wizard because they always wish malevolence upon others. Witches are known to cause harm to others.

A Ghanaian is easily influenced by a meagre payment of a bribe to them to allow for an activity to sail through no matter its consequential devastation to the wider public.

If it were not so, how could some Ghanaians have accepted the offer of ten Ghana cedis (Ghc10.00) and a disposable nose mask to them immediately change their mind while in a queue at the polling station on a general election day, to vote for the giver rather than their initially favoured or intended candidate? Is it not stupidity to the highest exponent?

They don't care about the medium- or long-term detrimental effect of their actions on themselves, their fellow Ghanaians or their country. They are so myopic that they think about what they can earn or enjoy today, but not tomorrow or the next day.

Ghanaians are so corrupt to be good for anything.

Why do our male leaders for the sake of sexual satisfaction, allow foreigners like the Chinese lady Aisha Huang, to commit crimes with impunity in the country, amid having total disrespect for the president of the country?

What she does in Ghana will never be tolerated of her by the authorities in her native China without putting a bullet in her head, or being thrown into prison.

Why then are Ghanaians allowing her to get away with such obnoxious crimes? Is it not because we are so silly and ignorant not to see the perpetual harm, she is causing us just because of the sexual gratification she offers some of our brainless leaders?

Is it not evil for a person seeking to come to rule the country for the intended betterment of the citizenry to rather be seen secretly organising their supporters to proceed on kidnap, murder, and insults mission with the intent to make the sitting president, of course, their political opponent, unpopular?

You lie to your supporters and the nation that you have been robbed of your presidential election victory, only for you to go to court to claim that you wanted a rerun of the election. This is because to you, nobody garnered 50% + 1 of the total valid votes cast in the first round.

Two years down the line, your party general secretary aspiring for the chairmanship position claims you were already convinced of having no evidence to your presidential winning claim before going to court. Yet, some Ghanaians still want to entrust their future welfare into the hands of such a rogue.

With this attitude of ours where committing a crime is rewarded with criminals held in high esteem, how can Ghana ever develop economically?

All that is so far said here about Ghana with thousands yet unmentioned, goes for all Africans and African nations. With such despicable attitudes, how can Africa ever develop to earn the respect of our contemporary white people?

It is not by the colour of our skin that we are not respected and treated as human beings endowed with wisdom but by our self-inflicted backward attitudes as explained above.

Africans, please change your attitudes to begin to think and behave as human beings. Don’t continue to behave worse than the animals roaming in the wild.

The writer is 100% black African but he deplores the collective bad attitudes of Africans.

The more you stick to your dirty and ignorant behaviours, the more you become consciously or unconsciously vulnerable to being exploited at every turn of our lives as Africans.

God has blessed Africa with so many things, but for the abundance of our overflowing stupidity and ignorance, we suffer and will continue to suffer daily.

Wise up, O, ye African. Enough is enough with your damnable ignorance.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo