Church of Christ preachers wolves in sheep clothen part-2

Church Of Christ Church of Christ

Fri, 16 Jun 2017 Source: Emmanuel Bombande

Folks,I bring you greetings from Vietnam this time around.Honestly speaking, I am pregnant with anger and sorrow as I put my pen to my paper this morning, but I will try as much as I can so that I don't explode.

Today's piece is politics free,instead,it is arrowed to some wicked,pot-bellied and grossly insurbodinated preachers within the churches of Christ fraternity.

My first article on these "wicked gurus" got many of friends offended.Some of them phoned me and registered their displeasure. I urge them to take a cue from the popular Akan adage that says "akutia biara nim ne wura".

Comrades, I think that I can now go down to the nitty-gritties of today's subject and work out the cost.

My lovely mum,Linda Benskin posted a message on Facebook and tagged some few of the "Bombandes" which I was part of.I felt that inasmuch as I was tagged,I had every right to express my opinion since opinions are like noses.Three good hours after I had expressed my opinion,one of the quadruplets who was not pleased decided to take my late father on.

Folks,even if I have offended you,why not attack me and leave my late father out of the picture so that his soul can rest in peace.

Right there,I got to know the kind of "preacher" he is.Having some basic knowledge in psychology and psychiatry,I can tell without fear or favour that his IQ level is far below the belt.Comparing him to that of an imbecile will not even be a match.Yet,this is a man who leads a flock in the name of Christ. I wonder the kind of signals he sends out there on daily basis.

Information reaching my olfactory system indicates that,he has bought and paid for the reasoning abilities of some few selected "chaps" from the States, making him the sole person to communicate to them.I must confess that I feel pity for them as well.I have been cogitating for a while but I still don't get it.I wonder why the so much cherished "grey matter" of the whites can be sold as cheap as Ghc2.00 in the open market to "a village preacher".Anyway, that is just by the way.

What sets my hypothalamus working profusely is that,a greater segment of blacks within his jurisdiction have seen his "evil tactics" and instead of pleading for mercy or respite on his behalf, they have quixotically decided to put a pretense of bravado. For me,that should be a great matter of concern but fortunately or unfortunately, their brains are unable to interpret the signals sent to them.

"Tone down brother",-this was the advice my younger siblings gave me on my very last piece.I have therefore decided to go by their message.

Just like I stated in my first paragraph, I am pregnant with anger and I wish I could go on and on but duty is calling. The war in Vietnam is getting tougher and tougher.My fellow battalions on the battle field are calling for reenforcement.

In the light of thus,I will put a spontaneous full stop here for now,but let me be very quick to add that,if the "powers that be" does not call this "imp" to order,my next episode will lead to subarachnoid haemorrage,meningitis and eventually brain death.

You are at liberty to do your interpretations in your own small way.Kudos to you all for catching a glimpse.

Columnist: Emmanuel Bombande