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Coronavirus: Ghanaian beaches sing the tale of isolation during Easter

Feature COVID 19 Effects Police Van Beach A police van parked at a beach front during the 2021 Easter to help keep off patrons

Thu, 8 Apr 2021 Source: GNA

The waves of the sea roar endlessly with its waters smashing against the lonely sandy beach christened the Sakumono Titanic Beach.

As the waves visit the beach amidst the tossing of the waters by the wind, one could not help, but miss the presence of the usually thousands of holiday makers who would have crowded the beachside to celebrate a typical Easter Monday in Tema.

Previously, the occasion was marked by thousands of men, women, the young and old, either to bathe in the waters of the sea or just enjoy the serene environment the beach presented.

Owners of the various restaurants and drinking joints scattered along the long stretch of sandy beaches would also be cashing in on this huge number of people, some of whom would make their day memorable by resorting to the food, delicacies, drinks and music on offer as they take in as much sea breeze as possible.


Yet, the story seems to have changed this year due to the presence of police personnel at the beach, with their intimidating FPU jeeps parked and waiting for anybody who may venture coming to enjoy the much to celebrate Easter Monday holiday.

Yet, one could not ignore the economic loss both to the individuals who sell their goods during such occasions and to government with a silent beach situation.

This comes on the heels of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s directives to prevent the usually large numbers that patronized such places during festive occasions in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.


A visit to the beach revealed security personnel who were ever ready to pounce on anyone who flouts the law and shows his or her face.

This is perhaps a situation that tells us how the coronavirus could take control of our society such that we would be deprived of the lives we have lived for decades; it reminds us of the fact that we seemed to be losing human liberty to the power of this virus.

It was a spectacular scene watching the security personnel waiting in isolation, what is the essence of security operation without action?

There should have been a kind of provocation to warrant action from the security personnel, but on this fateful day not even the waves of the sea disobeyed the security personnel.

What it means therefore is that as a nation, we should be able to adapt technologically such that we would be able to live irrespective of the influence of pandemics.

It is worth saying that, even though the pandemic is an issue in Africa, the good Lord has been gracious to people without recording the huge number of cases and deaths.

And so, as beaches remain quiet, it should serve as a reminder of how desperate the virus could be and the need to advance prosperity such that sales through this and others may come.


It is therefore a call to leaders, both political, religious, academic, to understand the need to see ourselves as one people with a common destiny and fight to create prosperity for ourselves.

Today the beaches are quite with only the roaring of the seas; on March 6, the independence square and other regional parks were quiet because Ghana had to suspend her independence-day celebrations.

Funeral activities are limited with our students, workers and everybody going about our business in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

It is indeed a wake-up call to everyone to understand that we face a common enemy and that there is the need to put our hands on the wheel and fight together.

As the Holy Scriptures indicate, the last days would be characterised by terrible things, but in all these circumstances, one thing is sure, that human ingenuity and technological advancement has the potential to make our lives easier.

It is certain, that in the midst of challenges, advancement in all spheres of human endeavour could rid us of the harshness of anything that is thrown at us.

China and the ancient tigers have proven how through hard work and determination a nation could rise out of the shambles of poverty and become a leading economy.

And so, before the eyes of everybody, China fought the virus and overcame it such that they currently had the situation under control.

But, of course, they could not have done that as a divided nation; they did that as one people who were determined to win the fight together.

What is next on the list of events and places to be barred in Ghana, we have no idea; but what is certain is that mankind has an inherent ability to survive.

Let us, therefore, begin to see the fight against the pandemic as one that could be won on the back of prosperity and human ingenuity and we can stand anything that is thrown at us.

Today the Titanic Beach, like other beaches in Ghana, are quite because the novel Corona pandemic has willed it so. But we can fight and win this battle when we begin to embark on the journey of prosperity that would enable us develop any technology that can help us survive better.

Columnist: GNA
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