Could Jean Mensah’s Coup d’etat in Ghana succeed unlike Mali, Malawi and Ivory Coast?

BIOMETRIC Mrs Jean Mensa Chairperson EC Jean Mensa is Electoral Commission Chair

Sun, 13 Dec 2020 Source: Michael Frempong, Contributor

Ghana went to the polls on 7th December 2020 to elect their next President.NDC Presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama was projected to have won the elections according to the primary document known as the pink sheet with 140 majority in parliament.

The incumbent President appointed the EC chair, Jean Mensah, and her team some of whom are well-known party members or sympathisers prior to the elections. These party loyalists condoned and connived with the incumbent party to rig the elections.

There was widespread rigging of the election, there were instances where ballot papers stamped with official Electoral Commission stamps were added to the ballot box so the total vote cast exceeded the total number of people on the voter register. In some places, the militia group of the incumbent party who have been absorbed into the national security stormed polling stations, opened fire at unarmed citizens killing some, and declaring flawed results without proper collation of the results.

Almost 8 people have died so far with at least 10 people in critical condition and also at least 50 people with various degrees of injuries.

In other instances, the number of votes counted and recorded at the polling stations were different from the number of votes announced at the collation centre.

The government fabricated results and sent them to the EC. These results were published by the media without verifying them.

The opposition party spotted these fraudulent activities and petitioned EC to investigate but EC knowing their plot to overthrow democracy in Ghana refused to collate the accurate results, went ahead and declared the flawed results.

These flawed results had serious arithmetic errors to the extent that the percentage calculated exceeded 100%. Results on the official EC website have been amended twice within 48 hours after the declaration.

In Malawi, the Supreme Court annulled the elections and ordered a re-run when elections were rigged thereby foiling the “ballot box coup d’etat” and entrenching their democracy.

Also In Mali, the incumbent party which lost the elections managed to use the state security to subvert the will of the people and sworn in the incumbent loser as President. Citizens demonstrated and expressed their dissatisfaction loud and clear. The power of the people eventually emerged supreme, as a result, the military stepped in and reinstated the true winner of the election.

This “ballot box coup d’etat” was also foiled and the sovereign will of the people emerged.

Similar thing happened in Ivory Coast and again the sovereign will of the people emerged giving Alhasan Watara the chance to govern the nation.

Could any of these strategies be implemented in Ghana to foil this coup d’etat and restore our democracy? I urge all Ghanaians to soldier on and repeat history as the first Africa country to liberate its people to gain independence.

Africa is looking up to us once again. Let’s liberate Ghana now!

God bless our homeland Ghana and help us resist oppressors' rule.

Columnist: Michael Frempong, Contributor
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