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Daniel Atsuvi writes: NOW - What I mean

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Sun, 1 Sep 2019 Source: Daniel Atsuvi

There is no emergency stronger than this word nor priority higher than this word. At the mention of this word, all other things come second. Known for the massive pressure and urgency that accompanies it, this word also has a lot more to tell us about why it acts the way it does. As we explore what it means in the world of letters and words, we found the following:

N- Non Negotiable

In opening a bank account; one significant requirement that cannot be deferred is a valid, verifiable and acceptable ID card. Despite satisfying all other requirements, providing this proof of identity is non- negotiable.

In the same way, there must be no room for negotiations on values because they are the oxygen of what and why we act the way we do. If there’s any discussion for the review of your values for the worse, walk out of that discussion with pride because you’ve won the battle over your values. Values matter.

O- Only One Option

Sadly we are often guilty of pampering our dilemmas where we lend our choice to procrastination aided by its leader; someday.Although they create some internal confusion they shouldn’t prevent you from making that important decision.

At the end of the day, it’s either yes or no, acceptance or rejection or approval or denial. With the power of choice before us, all we have to do is to wisely make that selection. Only one option makes the difference, so press the decision button with wisdom.

W- Work Immediately

There is no more time to keep your ideas on the shelves of your thoughts. Your ideas are not a bank for storage but an outlet for making a difference. Using it is far better than keeping but most importantly using it with alacrity.

The aggression to get to work immediately is the progression of idea from a wish list to a do list. Immediately is the offspring of action. Get to work.

The whole message of NOW is the action point to take this message without negotiating with it, accepting that only one decision makes the difference here and getting to work immediately. As Ken Blanchard noted, “You haven’t learned anything until you take action and use it.” Go ahead and use it NOW!

That’s what I mean.

The story of Letters and Words continues.

Columnist: Daniel Atsuvi