Dear First-time voter!!!

 Adjei Boakye Writer Adjei Boakye

Thu, 3 Dec 2020 Source: Adjei Boakye

This morning, I crossed a type of undetectable mental lines. By the way, I bring you greetings from the considering place of peace and national development.

As my pen has chosen not to rest, I believe it's suitable to keep in touch with you through this unedited piece. In my last epistle, I said, governmental issues aren't a religion, and undoubtedly it's most certainly not.

Political leadership is significant for our development...and it's something the mainland called "Africa" is battling with. Now and then we fail to remember that, the political choice we make today, can influence us..in years to come, which the next generation won't be spared.

Voting is your civic obligation and we as a whole do that for the sake of nation-building. Voting has nothing to do with fantasies, it's a genuine business. Mind you, it can cause you a lot, within 4 great years...and the years ahead.

7th December is simply around the corner.... a few days to go..and I anticipate that you should cast your vote astutely. The decision in favor of things to come, consider the future, and furthermore the current circumstance.

Check around you, gauge things, and think... about the country and its development. Think about the next generation, consider them and their future...and you have to put in mind that, their destiny also relies upon you.

In the event that you have profited by something (Government policies and programs), either direct or indirect, let it reflex through your vote. Your vote is expected to push this country ahead...

Don't sit on the fence, since it negativity exceeds its positive gains. The impact of it is more than enormous. Try not to starve us from development.....we want to appreciate your existence and contribution towards nation-building.

Peace is the thing that we want..but also, development is crucial in one life.

Generation yet unborn is gazing upward to you..and you are answerable for their progress.

Vote and vote wisely. God favor our country Ghana and make this country great and solid.

Get involved!!!!

Columnist: Adjei Boakye
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