Dear Tolon Youth,

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Thu, 29 Dec 2022 Source: Abdul-Razak Lukman

I take this opportunity to share my humble thoughts with you as a native of Tolon; which is about moving a youthful bipartisan agenda through delivering a strong human resource base for our people.

I choose to use “bipartisan” to mean the effective cooperation of all youth groups in the district to have a firm understanding of the development and to work together for the interest and social development of our people regardless of our political stands.

For over decades and counting, majority of our people are still confronted with widespread poverty and wallowing in an unacceptable low quality of life. We need to change the direction of how our leaders think. We can do so if we all accept to humbly reject a motorbike from a government representative/politician to the needs of a community.

We can do so if we humbly have a quarterly assessment of our leaders, point to them what they need to do instead of buying hampers for natives during naming ceremonies as an achievement.

We need to transform Tolon District into a good society that gives hope to the hopeless and set an enviable benchmark for other districts to follow.

During my numerous tour of the district, I realised that many of our people go about their daily activities with too many challenges which debar them from living a comfortable life. It is clear that government’s efforts to ameliorate the suffering of inhabitants of the district cannot be significantly relied on if we cannot do something far greater than what government is providing.

I see school children not receiving the needed tutelage because there is no strong, reliable and effective supervisory/monitoring team to help check our weak educational system. Our farmers are in die-need of modern knowledge, technology and financial push to make a groundbreaking in their lives.

Our infrastructure is in bad shape; the few clinics lack the needed resources to operate and the safety of our water bodies cannot be relied on. Sanitation too is a major hurdle to our public health system in the district.

It is evidently no longer a secret that Tolon District has no proper development agenda to set a foundational breaking; even if we have, it is only a wish. We cannot develop on such tenets if we don’t know where we are going as the world is rapidly changing day by day. This is so in a sense that development occurs through well-conceived and executed plans and policies that conform to the changing needs of society.

As the youth of our district, let us help (devoid of our political affiliation) create a roadmap that would discover the hidden potentials of both young and old natives that would have a bearing on the future development of our people. It is worth knowing that development is well tailored if the people upon whom it affects take a leading role with professional supervision of those in the field to help realise same.

We can, as natives of the district, if we voluntarily serve as Circuit Supervisors at our various locations to ensure the punctuality of teachers. This means every community member is a Circuit Supervisor in his own capacity.

We cannot expect different results if we continue doing same thing with same traditional methods. We have to have a clear voice of developmental change that looks into the future of our people than our temporary wants.

Dear youth, I envision a brighter Tolon District:

Where the people have access to potable and safe drinking water at their various homes;

Where parents are able to pay school fees for their children;

Where graduates see employment in the field of agriculture as the best to seeking unavailable greener pastures in the South of the country;

And where employment becomes a choice for graduates as to whether to accept formal employment from government or go self-employed.

As a colleague youth in the district, I invite you as a beloved native to come together to build a society that drives on passion to develop rather than the highly tensed political environment.

We are all anchors to the development of the Tolon District and Ghana as a whole.

Columnist: Abdul-Razak Lukman