Do I Have to Embarrass the Government ...

Sun, 13 Oct 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

.... Internationally Before Alfred Agbesi Woyome Pays Back the Money?

? The more I try to stay away from the internet, the more I am intrinsically goaded to publicly share my views on certain pressing issues holding Ghana back, which if properly addressed, would be vital for the socio-politico-economic emancipation of Ghana.

? Every discerning Ghanaian, except those blindly mired in the insanities of tribalism, finds the way Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome availed himself of the NDC government-supported payments of fraudulent judgment debts, very criminal. He has himself (Alfred Woyome), confessed on air on Peace FM radio to an interview he granted to "Chairman" Kwami Sefa Kayi, the flagship Morning Show - "Kookrokoo" presenter, that he had neither signed a contract with, nor worked for, Ghana government on CAN 2008. He has reconfirmed this assertion he made on the airwaves in Court.

? What is CAN 2008, a curious person may wish to query? It is simply Ghana hosting the African Cup of Nations tournament in Ghana in 2008 under the Kufuor-led NPP government. Woyome, supported and directed by people like Alex Segbefia, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Barton Odro, former Deputy Attorney General under the Mills-led NDC government, collusively successfully sued Ghana (the government) for a judgment debt payment of GHC51.2 Million.

? I do not want to delve deep into this broad daylight scandalous thievery collusively visited on Ghana by Alfred Woyome and his NDC government and party gangsters. What a reminiscence of the story of "Ali Baba and his forty thieves" that "Woyome and his NDC gangsters" have visited on Ghana?

? Why are the Courts having a dilemma, dithering about whether or not they have to find Woyome guilty, force him to vomit the money he so dubiously availed himself of without due? What nonsense is that? Is not this Woyome who claimed to be the major self-styled financier of the NDC party?

? The information I have indicates that Woyome only fronted for the NDC party and government to steal that money. I want to be challenged by whomever and especially, Woyome himself, on my bold assertion.

? I do not belong in the family of "Ehuru a ebe dwo", literally translated as, "it will cool down in the end" (the whirlwind will settle at last). The Courts and the government believe with lots of dithering, that is, incessant annoying adjournments of the hearing of the case, Ghanaians would get bored and call it a day. Ghanaians will abandon any interest in the case to let Woyome and the NDC government keep the money. "Na lie oo!", I will pursue this case with vigorous international, if not local, interest.

? If nothing conclusively is heard from the Courts and the NDC Mahama-led government about the Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s case by the end of year 2013, I will have no any other option than to officially inform certain world governments and bodies about how Ghana uses their financial burden-relieving donations given to our governments and the people of Ghana. I know the foreign embassies in Ghana may have informed their governments about how the government is not only presiding over official corruption but perpetrating it. Nonetheless, a citizen of Ghana must also bring it to their attention.

? Do the taxpayers in those foreign countries assisting us through their sweat and hard economic pressures of their own brought to bear upon them, not have the right to know how the government of Ghana put their monies to dubious use?

? Anyone who does not want me to go that far should advise both the Courts and the government of Ghana to retrieve the money from Woyome. Failing to do as suggested, I shall execute my plan of informing the world of the dubiously paid out GHC51.2 Million to swindler Agbesi Woyome. The NDC government fears the damage he will cause to them and their party through the revelation of names of his accomplices hence, the ongoing tactical delays to kill the case.

? As "Osofo Mafia", an Africa radio presenter based in London would say, "Ye nnye nkodaa saa". We shall not sit on our lap twirling the fingers while the NDC tax our patience, underrate our intelligence, and take us for not only cowards but fools.

? Woyome, you will pay the money without resorting to any "ifs and buts" ? ? ? Rockson Adofo ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson