Do You Really Believe In The NPP Court Case?

Fri, 8 Feb 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

Just last week the NPP folks informed Ghanaians and the Supreme Court Justices hearing their case that they have finished reviewing the pink results sheet of the 26,002 polling stations throughout the country.

The NPP went further to inform those who have ears to listen that after their review of the 26,002 pink results sheets they found out that 11,916 of those pink results sheets were ‘corrupted’, therefore, they prayed the Supreme Court to throw out 4,670,504 votes that were cast at those polling stations.

If you are somebody following the supposed presidential results dispute by the NPP, you will be convinced that the NPP means what they say or they say what they mean. I guess you will have no doubt in your mind that the NPP solidly have records of all the 26,002 polling stations which is why they have confidently stated that there are problems with 11,916 polling stations, therefore, 4,670,504 voters must be disenfranchised by the Supreme Court.

Having built this so-called confidence in the NPP, will you not be worried when you hear that on Tuesday February 5, 2012, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the twice “I Will Never Concede” Presidential Candidate of the NPP, requested the Supreme Court to compel the Electoral Commission (EC) release the collation sheets and pinks results sheets from all the 26,002 polling stations?

I will like to put it on record that this information that Akufo-Addo is demanding from the EC was made available to all the political parties that took part in the 2012 elections including the NPP. The polling agents of the NPP have all the collation sheets and pink results sheets from all the 26,002 polling stations.

It is based on this that the NPP was able to do their so-called review and informed Ghanaians that their latest count indicates that 4,670,504 voters from 11,916 polling stations must be thrown away so that frustrated Akufo-Addo will be declared the winner of the 2012 presidential election.

So why will the NPP which so badly want the Supreme Court to rule on the case now adopt a feet dragging attitude which will surely delay the case? They claim they have the evidence, yet when the Supreme Court asked the NPP to supply President Mahama and his lawyers better and several particulars of their allegations, they came out to say that they don’t have it. And that they can only release the information to President Mahama and his team after the EC has been compelled to release the collation results and the pink results sheets from the 26,002 polling stations.

One may therefore ask that if the NPP does not have the evidence, why did the party rush to the Supreme Court screaming on top of their voices that they have evidence that was going to blow the minds of Ghanaians when they release it? Was it all gimmick or showmanship?

Does the NPP want the case to end as soon as possible or they are adopting some feet dragging or delay tactics to continue to keep the case in the spotlight? If indeed the NPP has the so-called solid evidence all that they need to do is to release it to the EC and the Mahama team to cross-check it against the pink results sheet from the EC to establish their claim or otherwise.

Every well-meaning Ghanaian and the NPP supporters will soon frown upon what is happening from the NPP camp. To paraphrase what the General Secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketia said; let’s assume that the NPP bought and paid for 26,002 oranges from the EC. But when the NPP got home, they realized that 11,916 of the oranges were rotten. The EC is demanding evidence of the rotten oranges in order to refund the monies paid by the NPP. But instead of the NPP providing the evidence or even returning the rotten oranges for the refund, they have adopted some feet dragging tactics, making their rotten orange claim very shaky.

This is where we are now. Do you believe the NPP rotten orange claim if they are refusing to return them? Or do you just believe that the rotten orange claim is true just because the claim was made by the NPP? Or do you think that the rotten orange claim by the NPP is not true but Ghanaians are simply being kept in the dark? This is something we need to keep talking over until we return to court.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret