Don’t deviate from your campaign promises else there would be a coup

Fri, 30 Dec 2016 Source: baffourcharles181@yahoo.com

Don’t deviate from your campaign promises else there would be a coup to overthrow you.

An election result is determined by floating voters forget about the loyal voters who got nothing much to influence an election outcome in Ghanaian context. However, floating voters with their capacity of moving from one party to another at any point in time, they are extremely interested in the manifestoes and promises outlined by various political parties in order to bring a political party to power.

With just ended presidential election, forget about the parliamentarians as well, it is hundred percent agreed that the floating voters admired the idea promises of the NPP. Now, in case and by any mistake Akufo Addo refuses to fulfil his juicy promises given, there is a foreseen historical coup to overthrow him before his term of four years comes to an end. Never undermine coup by saying Ghana has successfully grown in democracy and it is a thing of past to experience it again.

Below are some of the heaven-down promises Akufo Addo must be forcefully fulfil to safeguard his seat as the president and avoid any unwanted coup to remove him from power.

1. One District One Factory

Ghanaians really mean it, when they say one district one factory because you as the president-elect made them to believe it you could make it. Remember there is no excuse for this promise. Within the first two years, Mr President-Elect you should have done it in order to avoid any wrath and coup in the country. You may not be fortunate to be forgiven like president Mahama was forgiven but punished during the general elections. Mr President-Elect, Ghanaians want to see all these factories in the districts and not just one or two factories and start bragging of like president Mahama did to the building of two-hundred schools.

2. One Village One Dam

Mr President-Elect don’t forget and give any excuse also for this waiting-to-fulfil promise. Within two years you should be able to provide all these dams or at least more than half of the number promised to facilitate agricultural activities in the villages especially in the Northern region and the twin Upper regions. Failure to fulfil this and others, Ghanaians would be impatient and trust me would not wait for your four years to come before they change in an election, but there would be a revolution to overthrow you.

3. One Million Dollars for Each District

Another promise you must fulfil within the first year and not second neither third nor forth year. Failure to do this and others, Ghanaians may feel politicians have been taking them for granted for a very long time and believe me, there would be blood shred to remove you from the presidency.

4. Free Senior High School

Education is the key to our national progress and therefore Ghanaians will want to see you doing this before they begin to miss their former president Mahama. In fact, president Mahama began to fulfil this promise but he was unfortunate to be given another nod as the president.

5. Less or No Infrastructure at All

Mr President-Elect, you know very well the reason why it was very easy to get yourself elected as the president by Ghanaians is that, Ghanaians are fed up with infrastructure. With the just ended election clearly portrays that Ghanaians are interested in their stomachs right now (not an insult to the electorate) and not to make sacrifices for future generations to benefit. Ghanaians feel they have been very hungry for a very long time and just now their stomachs must be fed with all the revenues received by the government by directly channelling the money into their pockets being a Ghanaian employed or unemployed, instead of wasting the money on infrastructure. Even if I were the president this promise of channelling the money into Ghanaian pockets would be my first king priority instead of using the money for infrastructure. This does not mean infrastructural development is unimportant but this is not the wish of Ghanaians. The wish of Ghanaians is to get money in their pockets now and this has been a long-time cry of Ghanaians. Mr President-Elect don’t try to fulfil this promise by increasing the already-employed-Ghanaian workers’ salaries but try to wide horizontally to cover unemployed Ghanaians so that they can also feel your government in their pockets. Trust me, if it were an increment of already-employed-Ghanaian workers’ salaries your party wouldn’t have come to power at all but the NDC government would have been maintained. Why? The NDC government quadrupled the salaries of Ghanaians which was quite the greatest increment made since our Independence yet the NDC was dumped into junkyard. Mr President-Elect, those who cannot be employed because of their age (i.e. those below eighteen and those above sixty years old) and people because of their deformities, you must create a source of monthly grants for them, so that they can feel your government’s presence in their pockets. Repeating this hard truth, Ghanaians don’t want see infrastructure but they want to see money in their pockets.

Wide the coverage to make every Ghanaian feel in their pockets and not just public servants/government workers. Mr President-Elect, failure to do this and other promises such as the factories, dams, free education and one million for each district would lead to blood shred to evacuate you from the flagstaff which you may call it Jubilee House. Ghanaians are now impatient with politicians.

Columnist: baffourcharles181@yahoo.com