Don't see only the disadvantages in the recently acrimonious election somersaults in Ghana

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Sat, 23 Jan 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

My fellow Ghanaians, have you forgotten that Laurie Nadel said, “Every misfortune is a blessing in disguise"? The gospel also says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 - "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you".

Again, is it not better to always make efforts to see if there could be opportunities in unfolding problems to avail yourself of, rather than always dwelling and brooding over the difficulties inherent in such problems?

While the white people always bend fate to suit them, black people on the other hand, especially Ghanaians, always resign themselves to fate and allow it to take its full course, taking them to wherever it wants.

The recent polarised political atmosphere in the country, following the silly believe by some top elements within the NDC party that they were born to be heads but not tails hence must be the ones to rule Ghana all of the time but never to be ruled, has made the situation so charged that any further stupid action or reaction by whoever can cause the nation to explode.

While the NPP are comparatively gentle, the NDC are evidently violent. However, violence does not always gain you peace and your heart desires. On the other hand and mockingly so, it is said, "Outside gentility, home cry". Being overly gentle has always been costing the NPP a heavy price. They need to find a way out of their overly gentility emanating from their self-aggrandizement of being "book-long" hence must always be seen to comport themselves and be decent.

The unfolding difficult events before, during and after the 7 December 2020 general elections, as often triggered by the idiocy of the NDC faithful, making Ghana unsafe for certain people but themselves, must not only be seen as disadvantageous but also, advantageous. This is because necessity is idiomatically said to be the mother of invention.

For example, Ghana never knew how to make nose and face mask or hand sanitisers until the ongoing deadly outbreak of the novel coronavirus 9Covid-19). Finding ourselves lost in the middle of the vast fatal Covid-19 pandemic ocean, relying on questionably preventive, controlling, mitigating or containment material handouts from China, the obvious origin of the disease, Ghana was compelled by necessity to start making nose/face masks and hand sanitizers of her own.

"All that glitters is not gold", thus, the attractive external appearance of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature. The promises of love for Ghanaians by way of introducing good policies to make living much better and easier for the Ghanaian as touted by John Dramani Mahama are all fake. We have come to realise that the NDC do not like Ghanaians but power. Their leaders selfishly like themselves more than they like Ghanaians.

How on earth could Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, the NDC National Chairman who doubles as the Church of Pentecost Elder, for the sake of power, position and wealth, coach some NDC members to kidnap and kill some people in Ghana? He had as well instructed them to insult some important persons and further cause arsons in Ghana, all on intent to making Ghana insecure and ungovernable? By his devised strategy which is evil, Ghanaians would turn against President Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government to vote them out to bring NDC back to power.

If you like somebody, will you harm the person? If you like your country, will you burn the markets, the source of the livelihood for many rich and poor people? In my honest view, it is only a selfish individual who thinks only about his or her interests, a hater of the collective interests of their fellow citizens and nation of course, that will plot as reported in the public domain by Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and his ilk.

Ghanaians for various reasons have voted to elect people that they want to lead them. If the results of the elections had not been influenced or manipulated as correctly or erroneously perceived by others, then it is all well and good for the nation. However, many a discerning Ghanaian may disagree with the electorate for showing lack of farsightedness, wisdom and appreciation but insane bitterness that clouded their intelligence, to have nearly scuppered the good policies and innovative programmes in implementation to extricate Ghana from poverty and foreign domination.

There is still hope for the better. Ghanaians will one day realise the mistake they have made as individuals so as not to repeat them again if indeed, they have made any mistake at all. If it is out of hate for President Nana Akufo-Addo for inundating his government with his friends and family members as it is obvious, or alleged and hyped by the NDC, then he is partly to be blamed for the seemingly appalling election results that were totally contrary to expectation.

We expected a far better result for the NPP. If the poor election performance culminating in the dismal outcome results for the NPP were down to the malignity of some MMDCEs, MPs, party Executives at the constituency, regional and national levels, they must bow down their heads in shame and have themselves to blame. Not only that they must at the opportune time be removed from their positions but also, not be promoted or offered juicy jobs.

The MPs who lost their positions will take a bitter lesson from their non-performance and for looking down on their constituents. They will do the right thing in future when offered a second opportunity. The MPs who are lucky to have been re-elected will perform much better to the expectations of their constituents in order not to suffer the same ill-fate as their colleagues who lost their seats.

The President will also listen to those who honestly wish him well, offer him good advice and strategic suggestions. The NPP National Executive Council will not impose candidates on constituencies contrary to the wish of the majority of the party members in the constituencies. This is the second time that rudeness, pomposity and disrespect for the ordinary constituents and party members has cost NPP dearly. The leaders were warned against imposing their favourite friends on the constituencies as parliamentary aspirants and MMDCEs contrary to the choices made by the people but they did not listen. Now that the ordinary people have proved that they have the power to make or break by their thumbs, the NPP leaders will hopefully sit up to give ear to the ordinary party members.

The NPP leadership will have by now learnt it the hard way; understanding the importance of the views of the party members by way of the expression of the African adage, “The ceiling won't stay when the room is no longer there”. The Fomena Member of Parliament upon all the mistreatment and rejection he had suffered at the hands of the NPP leadership, during and after the NPP primaries election to select parliamentary-nominees until his election as MP on independent candidacy, has proved the veracity of the adage, “A family tie is like a tree, it can bend but it cannot break”. He is now back to NPP as the stone the builder rejected but ended up becoming the head cornerstone.

Ghanaians have also come to know very well the NDC leadership and party. If they indeed have the love and the welfare of Ghanaians at heart, will they incite their supporters to go on rampage, burning shops and killing people? Those Ghanaians who accepted Ghana ten Cedis (Ghc10.00) or so in nose/face mask by the NDC at polling stations on the election day, 7 December 2020, to instantly change their mind to vote for NDC have in all likelihood, already consumed the money. They chose the offer of Ghc 10.00 bribe at the expense of the free Senior High School for their children. How myopic and pathetic they are.

Obstinate, selfish and greedy John Dramani Mahama, the emulator of the outgone American President Donald John Trump, has proved to Ghanaians how wicked and extremely selfish he is by instigating his supporters to hit the streets causing devastations of various degrees.

Everyone has a lesson to learn from the outcome of election 2020. If the lesson will be well learnt, it can result in the successful development of Ghana since everyone one will from now forward do the right thing.

The NPP lack political strategy. I have said and repeated this time and again. I have said this with offer of suggestions in some of my previous publications yet, like the immovable Kwahu rocky mountains, they don’t listen. Let it be known to them the proverb, “A new broom sweeps well, but the old broom knows all the corners”

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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