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Wed, 14 Mar 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Trees

Must Run Fast For Safety – Final Part

The letter written by Hon. Dr. Kwabena Agyei, National Chairman of the NDC must be treated with THE SERIOUSNESS it deserves because it is the STATE OF THE PARTY ADDRESS nationwide and nothing else. The National Chairman has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he is on top of the affairs in the NDC and has spoken plainly on behalf of the Footsoldiers and some active Cadres whose thumbs brought the great NDC to power in 2009. In short, Dr. Kwabena Agyei is the voice of the voiceless within the NDC Party, so my God richly bless him, Amen.

Part of his letter dated 10th January, 2012 reads and I quote: In the supreme interest of the party, I have for the past 3 years sincerely patiently and silently taken the position of a unifying middle liner between those who are perceived as major factions in the Party by many concerned and discerning Ghanaians. I have threaded this leadership path cautiously, hoping to keep the Party United and stable in my strong belief that it can provide an impregnable political fortress in which all members would have some un encumbered political space. However, most party members do not think and feel that they have so far that Political Space for which they dedicated their times energies, and resources during the 2008 electioneering campaign. IN FACT MOST OF OUR PARTY MEMBERS DO NOT EVEN FEEL THAT THEY BELONG TO A PARTY THEY AGGRESSIVELY DEFEND. “THIS IS 100% CORRECT, for in most Constituencies Nepotism and cronyism is the order of the day as some MMDCES decide to appoint their friends, relatives who did NOTHING to bring the party to power, while others did not even cast a single vote for the party and yet they got whatever they want from the sweat of those who spent sleepless nights to ensure that the NDC is returned to power, when you petition through the Party structures, nobody will mind you from the National through the various Regions and Constituencies nationwide.” Why? Your petition will reach the Headquarters of the NDC and they would not bother to investigate anything at the particular Constituency but rather use their mobile phones to call the MCE and the Constituency Chairman, and they will reply that the particular petitioner is a Rawlings Boy OR a member of FONKAR, and that ends your petition as it will be thrown into the waste paper basket because you have been NAILED at the TOP because they (Constituency Executives Alone Have The Political Power as Well as The National Executive Officers Period). Well, Pay Back Time is here, and most aggrieved footsoldiers will surely look back at the behavior of some Party Executives and MMDCES who are contesting the Parliamentary elections to revenge –no two ways about it.


On the front page of the “Daily Guide” dated Wednesday February 29, 2012, the Paper’s editor who has never written anything POSITIVE about the NDC since 1992 quoted Prez. Mills who attended a crunch meeting between the NDC Leadership and himself as saying that He don’t need Former President Rawlings and Nana Konadu in order to win the 2012 elections because he is a Winnable Candidate and that he wanted NOTHING TO DO with either Rawlings or his wife. The following day, Thursday March 1, 2012, President Mills re-acted swiftly to the false story published by “Daily Guide” by stating that he needed Rawlings badly and was prepared to work with him ahead of the 2012 general elections. The President re-acted through Hon. Agyenim Boateng, the Deputy Minister of Information who told Ghanaians that No SUCH MEETING TOOK PLACE and those comments have never been made by President Mills.

Now, that FONKAR has been dissolved officially as a first step towards total reconciliation and Party Unity.

2) Ministers of State and most Party Executives from the National to the Constituency level have stopped attacking the Rawlingses and describing active Cadres in the Party as Rawlings Boys. 3) Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings has stopped condemning the Mills government, so all these are signs towards a United NDC and all true Cadres and NDC members must rejoice and appreciate the moves so far taken by the two factions in the NDC. These are the characteristics of the NDC since 1992 to date 2012. 1) There are those who are the Foundation of the NDC – that is from the PNDC to the NDC – They are called Cadres who were used for 11 years by the erstwhile PNDC led by Rawlings and dumped. In 1992, they were again used and dumped in the year 2000 by Rawlings; thousands of Cadres have died leaving the remaining surviving Cadres including this writer. 2) There are those who always vanish into thin air when the NDC is in opposition only to return from nowhere to join the party when it is in government and then create confusion by knocking the heads of Cadres and the Constituency Executives together for their selfish interests – we have scores of such characters in the Obuasi Constituency where this writer live since 1973 up to date.

3) There are those who always break away to form their own Political Parties and when these parties are about to collapse on their heads, they abandon the parties and return to the NDC – E.G. Comrade Goosie Tannoh’s National Reform Party and Dr. Obed Asamoah’s DFP. 4) There are those who acquire chains of degrees and rush to join the NDC and they always look down on the very party footsoldiers and Cadres with contempt forgetting that it is the thumbs of the Footsoldiers which put them there. For them, they would lose nothing if the NDC lose the 2012 elections on 7th December, 2012. It is the young ones and Cadres who will suffer again. Such people are always stabbing Prez. Mills at the back indirectly and pulling his legs from behind in order to satisfy their individual interests. How sad. The NDC was born out of the revolution under the PNDC but some people Especially MMDCES and Party Executives become offended when Cadres rise up to speak against their negative actions in the Party. Have these people forgotten where the party came from? Some of them have been telling dissenting Cadres and Party Supporters that they will get jobs over their dead bodies, just to show them where power lies. These Party Executives and some MMDCEs have refused to accept the fact that without the support of the people, they are nothing but they continue exposing their ignorance for three solid years. What will happen if the people reply them in 2012 by not voting for them to become Parliamentarians because of their utterances while in office? Therefore those who behaved like Nabuchadnezzar will fall from grace to grass because of their extreme pride and sheer arrogance while they were in office unless they change quickly for the better. Meanwhile these are not my words but it is the stubborn truth. Therefore if Big Stones Like The Rawlingses and Dr. Kwabena Agyei are Burning at the Top, then We, Those at The grassroots will run fast for safety to escape the raging inferno if the NDC fails to unite. I am done. Is any body listening? Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement