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Dr. Otabil and the banks

Mensah Otabil1 Dr Mensah Otabil

Mon, 13 Aug 2018 Source: Arthur Kennedy

I am a person of faith and a patriot but today, I am demoralized – in my faith – for religious leaders and for our national leaders.

I have never attended Dr. Otabil's church but I have admired him and defended him publicly when he has been attacked.

In the last few days, as the details of the Capital Bank and Bank of Ghana boondoggle has unfolded, I have read from those standing with him and those calling them fools. But I have not heard from the man of God himself.

I believe in the rule of law but I also believe, even more passionately, in moral law. While the laws must work, Dr. Otabil must clear the air – for his own sake, for the sake of the people of faith standing with him and for the sake of Ghana.

Where are the geniuses of the Bank of Ghana who signed off on this "white-collar" robbery?

We cannot send goat and akomfem thieves to prison for years and be indifferent to the theft of 610 million cedis!

If we do, it is hypocritical. That amount could have paid off half of the NHIS debt and helped to educate many children.

At this point, as people of faith, we should stand – with God and truth – and our country and hope that, in the end, Pastor Otabil stands with God and truth and his Ministry.

We should be guided by John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth and it shall make ye free" and our Motto, "Freedom and Justice".

May God bless all of us and Ghana.

Columnist: Arthur Kennedy
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