Facts about Ashanti ECG boss sack.

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 Source: Yawose, John

The manoeuvrings, schemings and ethnocentric trickery of President Mills and his vindictive cohorts are legendary. I sometimes wonder what at all is so complicated about these manipulations of NDC/Mills that people fail to see through them. They are so simple but they look complex and people get deceived.

The happening during the football match at Baba Yara stadium last week Friday between Ghana’s Black Stars and their counterparts from Lesotho is well known. The match was earmarked to be played under floodlights and just at the beginning of the 2nd half, darkness started closing round and of course the floodlights had to be put on. Then there were no floodlights coming and the darkness became unbearable and the match had to be stopped for a while to await lights. In fact the stoppage went into 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes etc such that, some commentators thought the match would be abandoned completely and be replayed. There was apprehension all over the place especially when Ghana was up by 5-0 and the thought of replaying the match sickened spectators, commentators, TV viewers, listeners and every Ghanaian.

In the embarrassing moments, the communications Director at the Presidency – now called Akokofunu Anyidoho started to play the shameful Cantata show to the whole nation. He told Peace FM's Anim Addo in an interview that the Ashanti Regional boss of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has been fired with immediate effect. According to him, the neck of all those on duty at ECG and all those who had something do with the matter are on the line. "President Mills is upset and everybody who has a role to play in the matter will have their heads roll...This is unacceptable and the president is upset," Akokofunu Anyidoho said..

Insiders have revealed that-- the blunt, revolutionary: on-the spot; sacking of the Ashanti Region ECG Director, pronounced by the communication Director, was actually ordered by President Mills. The sources indicated that President Mills and his vicious anti-Ashanti elements suspected sabotage in Kumasi led possibly by, an Asante -born NPP ECG boss. In Mills usual ‘I fear The Ashanti project’ culture, he ordered the immediate sack of the presumed Ashanti saboteur, which Akokofunu Anyidoho pronounced on air.

Later they found out that the victim was Alhaji Abdulai Kurah, a technocrat from the Northern region -- who they (Mills and his bunch of vindictive cohorts) reckoned could not have been a saboteur and also that the stadium floodlights rather run on the generators of Worlanyo Agrah’s Sports council. With that realization, President Mills had to quickly stategize and make a retreat from the topsy-turvy i.e. a damage control. --creating the confusion around his erratic Akokufunu Anyidoho. Effectively therefore, tribal sentiments or anti-Ashanti sentiments actually drove Mills government into this unwarranted messy madness.

It’s not for nothing that Mills is known as President 'I FEAR THE ASHANTIS' Mills.

Note: Discerning observers know that the purported sacking last Saturday of Akokofunu Anyidoho from his castle post is a ruse and a smokescreen. The indications are that Mills, knowing well that he rather created the problem around Akokofunu Anyidoho, will still find a way to make the latter comfortable at the castle , as a matter of appeasement — same monthly pay, same accommodation, same transport, same facilities-etc all hidden from the public. WHO BORN DOG?

I conclude the schemings and ethnocentric manoeuvres of President Mills and his cohorts are legendary. They will be exposed. They will be disgraced.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John