Four-year-old bones can’t be Tadi missing girls – Family

Tadi Family2.png The families say the skeletons cannot be that of their relatives

Thu, 24 Oct 2019 Source: 3news.com

Even after viewing skeletons that police DNA results confirmed as those of the girls who were declared missing in Takoradi late last year, the family members are still not convinced about the bones being that of their relatives.

The family members bused to Accra from Takoradi to view the skeletal remains Thursday, appeared more incensed with a growing mistrust for the police.

Shouting on top of his voice amidst intermittent sobbing, a man identified to be a family member of one of the girls, said one does not need any scientific examination to tell that the skeletons shown them are years old.

The remains of four girls were discovered in a cesspit tank and a well respectively in the Western region in August. DNA tests conducted on the skeletons in September, the police said, confirmed that they are that of the girls.

But he families rejected the results and demanded an independent forensic test.

The families members, about 20 of them, where transported to Accra by the police to meet the Inspector General of Police.

A family member told 3news.com earlier that they had come to Accra to receive the remains of their relatives to carry their own test and give them a befitting burial.

However, their anger was triggered immediately after been shown the skeletons, and stormed out of the room issuing invective targeted at the police.

“We are not educated but we have sense,” a man said in Fante language, “the skeletons are more than four years”

He stated, rather furiously, that the police can keep the skeletal remains, rejecting that they belong to the missing girls.

Source: 3news.com
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