Mahama is Richer Than Ghana? Respond To the Panama Papers - Part III

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 Source: Dabbousi, Fabi

By Fadi Dabbousi

I mentioned in Part II of this topic that the substantive Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Inusah Fuseini, was caught on tape "raining" cash on an artiste at an event. I also stated that the National Service Secretariat spent three million US Dollars on eighteen pick-ups, which meant that each unit was purchased at a price of $166,000 (one hundred and sixty six thousand US Dollars), much more expensive that the most luxurious 4x4 vehicle in Ghana. Then news trickled in that the judiciary service overpaid an aircondition specialist, 10,000 percent more than the amount owed it. Butex Services was to be paid GHC2,734, but was rather doled GHC273,420 (an excess of GHC270,686); all that from the blood and sweat of the citizens!

Mr President, your outfit really transformed the lives of the directors of this company, Butex Services. They must have prayed for a miracle. And then they struck the jackpot, or shall we say, lotto!

The copious cases of theft, embezzlement, and ransacking of the coffers raise many questions. After all, the President says he is fighting corruption. How can that be? I heard that Lauretta Lamptey, the shamed former CHRAJ Boss, who was indicted for massive corruption, was reassigned to the Presidency as an anti-corruption consultant. I am, also, reliably informed that the revenue from Ghana's crude oil in advance of 20 years have been used up? Eiii, what kind of John is John?

So the issue of John Mahama's inclusion in the Panama Papers, allegedly on pages 1,000,059 thereabout, is only the tip of the iceberg. It comes as no surprise at all; and why would it be when government spent 2.1 billion US Dollars on elections 2012?

Click on this link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/riskmap/2016/04/21/ghanas-currency-risk-to-persist-despite-change-in-central-bank-leadership/#5cf47bd4366f

No wonder everyone else is stealing directly under his nose, but he is unable to smell the stench. The sad part is that in a radio interview on his sham "accounting to the people" tour, he stated that Ghanaians who do not feel prosperity lack skills. I beg your pardon, Mr President!

That was a direct insult to the integrity, dignity, and respect of the nation he presides over.

Conversely, President Mahama told the electorate to vote him back to power because in 2017 he will put money into the pockets of the people. A couple of days ago, he backtracked and denied that he could do that, after all. Mr President, John Mahama, you have lied so much so that people do not believe you anymore. Of course, you must have noticed how chiefs and elders frown at you these days, and how your government officials and campaigners are chased out of the communities they dare venture into.

Back to the Panama Papers, Mr President, it remains to be seen where the billions are. Well, the mathematics substantiate the reality of this grim situation. You inherited an economy with an overall debt of 8 billion dollars. The current debt stock stands at close to 40 billion dollars. The signature projects are not up to 5 billion dollars, so where is the difference? Word is making the rounds that in the first quarter of 2016, your government borrowed approximately 14 billion cedis to service the interest on the debt owed. How can that be? How can you borrow money to pay interest on debt, which adds to the debt, which you have to borrow again to pay accumulated interest on; and the chain reaction of borrowing/begging/selling honour and dignity continues unabated.

The whole nation needs to know what happened to the money, and why each Ghanaian now owes approximately 6,000 cedis (sixty million old cedis). In fact, you have caused us to suffer without provocation, and in the process, have festered the wounds of the ailing majority. You say that you have transformed lives. Well, the nuance of the day tells a different story; one of dullness and despondency, quite ungermane to the expectations of all.

Besides, I hope that your statement about creating 93,000 jobs was just a joke because if you meant it, then that would be another lie that you have added to the endless untruths that you have said in 8 years. These jobs are mere daydreams because the 93,000 that you claim have gotten employment under YEA are still suffering, jobless, expectant souls hoping that this lie will manifest into a truth. Of course that is another daydream!

#JohnMahamaMustGo #ChangeIsComing

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi