Ghana Is Sick

Tue, 9 Apr 2013 Source: Abraham Kofi Oduro-Kyeremateng

Did Ghana actually celebrate its 56th Anniversary on 6th March 2013? What is there to be celebrated? Is it the high level of corruption in the system, the numerous environmental challenges being faced, the weak public institutions, misappropriation of state funds in public institutions, the lack of basic amenities for the ordinary Ghanaian, high level of youth unemployment , poor and selfish Leadership, the incompetent workforce OR What?

Despite our country being endowed with an abundance of natural resources such as Rich soil, Timber, Gold, Bauxite, Salt, Diamond, Solar energy, an amazing Climate, Oil, etc. that have facilitated the development of many countries; Ghana sits on all these RESOURCES yet remains POOR. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MOTHER GHANA?

After 56 years, we lack essential needs such as; Good health care, Potable Water, Good roads, Stable Electricity, LPG, etc.

What really kills my spirit is the excessive abuse and degradation of our land resources, water resources and mineral resources. Is there any river in Ghana which has not been polluted? River Tano, Pra, Ankobra, Oti, Offin, etc. have all been polluted. Our agriculture land is at a serious risk due to the uncontrolled mining activities of illegal miners. What about the Chinese? They are illegally mining everywhere in the country leading to serious land and water pollution which could have serious repercussions in the not too distant future. Are the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources still functioning in the country? If they are, what are they doing?

Why is the Government not enforcing the regulations that the state spent millions of cedis to enact? Despite the numerous concerns raised by Ghanaian, the president and the state institutions responsible seems not to care about the situation. Mr. President, have you actually considered the negative impact of these activities on posterity? What will happen to our beloved country by the next 20 years if this nuisance is not curtailed?

The government boasted of the yield of cocoa in 2010 that Ghana has achieved one million tons of cocoa. This is good enough to rejoice over. But my question is whether it is sustainable? Look at the number of cocoa farms that have been cut down or destroyed either for or by galamsey activities. Go to Amansie area (Manso), Dunkwa, Western Region, Eastern Region and the rest and see how cocoa farms have been destroyed. I am afraid; we can hardly sustain our cocoa yield until this menace stops.

Come to think of it, is Ghana going to spend 13750000 Ghana Cedis every four years as housing allowances for MPs? Even half of this money can be used to build very respectable MPs village which will accommodate our MPs. After their term of office, others will come and inhabit them. This will be beneficial to Ghana today and to posterity. Have our leaders considered this? Is it lack of basic economic managerial skills or it is just self-centeredness?

Ghanaians have really become slaves in the hands of our own leaders. They think mainly about themselves and their families and not mother Ghana. What a pity!

I do not see why Ghana continuously depends on foreign aids. When are we going to be fully responsible for our own needs? Amazingly, those who give us these so called aids do not have as much natural resources as Ghana. What is wrong with Ghana?

To the developed countries that are always giving to Ghana; you are not helping us to develop. If you think you are the master fishers, then teach Ghanaians how to fish instead of giving us the fish. After giving us the fish, you come back in well calculated ways to eat back what you have given to us. Are you doing us harm or good?

Let me rest here, it is too painful to continue writing on the problems of Ghana. Oh God, Come to our aid because GHANA IS VERY SICK!!!!!!!!!!

Abraham Kofi Oduro-Kyeremateng


Columnist: Abraham Kofi Oduro-Kyeremateng