Ghana Money, “NDC Chewing Grabu, Grabu, Grabu”

Wed, 30 May 2012 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

By: Stephen A. Quaye.

Recent photographs of the gargantuan man in Ghana, Alfred Agbesi Wayome accompanying stories made me feel like his alleged financial scandal was all over.

Just because his recent images attached to stories on the internet media shows him bearing heavy smiles which tells readers that all has come to not, ”YAAMUTU”.

Only for another image of him to appear throughout Ghanaian media networks different from the ones full of a smile which means that all has not come to an end.

Instead of the earlier images of him smiling, this time his image showed him gritting his teeth as if something is burning in his “batty hole”.

Maybe you are right, the sweet 51.8 million Ghana Cedis judgment debt he chopped into his stomach has began to burn his batty hole not making him feel comfortable hence his grim face and gritting his teeth as shown in the photographs.

Never bother about who is getting what because once you are working hard definitely you shall eat bread to survive.

But once a patriotic citizen from the land won for you through the toil and blood of your forefathers, you have to show concern about the way it is being run by certain people who preach probity, accountability and justice but practice otherwise.

One thing that might come into your mind as a patriotic citizen once trying to assess these politicians who won the votes of the people to become the government is how they have involved themselves in various scandalous activities they preached against when they were not in government.

Here the first main message NDC hawks now in government carried when campaigning for the presidency in 2008 elections were the allegation that the NPP was so corrupt and that its members were chopping Ghana money “nyafu, nyafu nyafu”.

The allegations were so serious that even former president John Agyekum Kufuor was alleged to have involved himself in oil scandal in Saudi Arabia.

Ministers were accused of dipping their hands in state coffers and causing so much financial malfeasance here and there therefore no need to retain the then government of NPP in power but vote for the party which despises corruption NDC to uproot it.

Ghanaians got carried away by those messages as they brought the NDC into power and now look at what is happening in the motherland.

The NDC hawks lead by Professor John Evans Atta Mills, who despises corruption, is brooding over corruption waiting to hatch more corrupt hawk’s in the country and that is my concern most.

Immediately this thought came into my mind I saw myself I laughed, ha, ha, ha as I recollected what my mother once said that when a sheep sees a basket full of salt sitting on a table, it will bleat and do whatever it must to chew it without caring what will happen to it afterwards.

Because it tastes so sweet in its mouth chewing” GRABU, GRABU, GRABU”

it does not stop even if you hit it hard with a wood or lift it away from it, it will bleat all day because it wants to chew the salt GRABU, GRABU, GRABU till all gets finish.

That is what is happening under the tax professor’s government now where, from head to toe every body is not chopping NYAFU NYAFU NYAFU, but rather chewing GRABU, GRABU AND GRABU like the money in the state coffers will not get finish.

Right from his assumption of office as the president no one believed that one of his ministers Mubarack Muntaka Mohammed, will kick start the chewing of the state money and goes scot free taking the president’s message of probity accountability and justice to concern.

It never put any fear in his colleagues so they went on GRABU GRABU GRABU’ money chewing in every ministry, department and agency as one of his own boys Stan Dogbe also chewed 1.6 Billion cedis presidential hamper at the ministry of information.

Then came the biggest chewing of all time by the “GARGANTUAN MAN”

Alfred Agbesi Wayome chopped Ghana Cedis 51.8 million being judgment debt money into his stomach now bubbling and the gas setting his batty hole on fire.

Ghanaians were made to believe that politicians belonging to the elephant party were those who were emptying the state coffers more than any other person anywhere.

Just look around, listen to the complains on radio, read the reports on the internet and in the newspapers, compare and contrast and you will see if some people chop “NYAFU, NYAFU” then some people are chewing “GRABU, GRABU, GRABU, GRABU”.



Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.