Ghana at 'enough' is 'enough' junction

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Tue, 28 Jan 2020 Source: Raymond Ablorh

At least, akomfem has wings so it's easy to believe they flew away. The problem was with those that flew from the eggs before they could be hatched. Mysterious. Isn't it?

However, tricycles and excavators flying or disappearing is another level of mystery that the New Patriotic Party administration led by Nana Akufo-Addo is exposing us to.

Coming from them makes it most unacceptable knowing what they said and did about such things in opposition from 2009 to 2016.

Truth is, Nana Akufo-Addo's the last man Ghanaians managed in their disillusionment to try after listening melancholically to his "Try Me" re-mix recorded in Elections 2016 Campaigns studio.

About four years after Nana Akufo-Addo came to office who dreamt that these are some of the stories that the No Nonsense Incorruptible Leader will author in the diaries of this nation?

It's time we put parties and personalities aside regardless of how much we hate or love them, dispassionately diagnose our development banes and seek the most efficacious remedies to them.

It shouldn't be about who is more or less corrupt than the other. That isn't what we bargained for in 2016. The standard wasn't, isn't and can't be the administration that they said was incompetent, mediocre, clueless and corrupt based on the same perceptions they're "anansically" avoiding today.

Look at the state of Martin Amidu and his office today?

Just look at what is going on and ask yourself how wise you're to thoughlessly follow parties that careless about you, your family, your community, your environment, etc?

Why should we allow very few people to benefit from our vast resources while the greater majority wallow in dehumanizing poverty?

What's preventing you from holding your party leaders accountable? Who do your party executives account to? If they aren't transparent at the party level what makes you think they'll be transparent in government?

Right from the party level members are powerless. Delegates trade votes in seasons and those who have money from wherever they got it to come to power to engage in procurement governance to pay their debt and save more for the next elections and beyond.

Look, we need serious constitutional and Institutional reforms to address the inadequacies of our democracy and make it functional to meet our development needs.

We shouldn't allow this nation polarising duopoly to kill our nation with partisan animosity, greed-inspired corruption, over-sensitive egos, ill-suspicions and mistrusts.

We've got to the Junction called ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If we cross here on the same political path we may not survive for long as a nation.

President Ablorh.

Columnist: Raymond Ablorh