Ghana is on the Brink of Economic Collapse

Wed, 9 Oct 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

– Weep for Her, All Ye Ghanaians! ? ? Many a concerned and discerning Ghanaian is at the end of their tether. They are very apprehensive about the current state of the country’s economy which, is on the verge of collapse if not already annihilated.

? The government has come to prove how incompetent an administrator she is on the implementation of socio-economic policies . She has been borrowing far beyond her capability to repay the loans when the time is due. Not only that, there is not much, if not arguably nothing, to show for that gargantuan borrowing spree the clueless NDC government has embarked on since her assumption of office.

? There are many civil servants who have not been paid their monthly emoluments for between nine months to two years. MPs/District Assemblies Common Funds among many other obligated payments by the government have not been paid, starving the concerned institutions of needed funds to carry out urgent essential services and developments. However, the clueless Mahama NDC-led government has the shameless audacity to continue to effect dubious judgment debt payments let alone, collecting those already fictitiously paid out to people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Woyome, I promise on the life of your wretched soul that you will never be allowed to abscond with the money even though you are strenuously being protected by the NDC government and party.

? In a desperate effort to raise revenue to stay afloat although, a bit submerged in the ocean of debt and inability to meet the payment of salaries of civil servants, the government has had to place "killer taxes" on everything even including ordinary condom needed for safe sex. Utility bills have skyrocketed beyond the reach of the majority, ordinary poor Ghanaians. Has this not culminated in en masse demonstrations throughout Ghana?

? Where does all the money the government is raising go to? They find their way into the personal "without end" stinking pockets of a few individuals in government, in the NDC party and with connections to the NDC. Is not a chunk of the money used to pay the heartless NDC party radio phone-in serial callers to go on air to throw peppery dust into the eyes of Ghanaians? I am only asking in case someone more knowledgeable than me will furnish me with detailed correct info.

? Ghana is my country much as it is yours, Oh my Dear Reader. Do we let it collapse without raising the alarm? No, we have to sound the alarm bell to warn the government against the looming economic danger in case she will run away from the thorny economic path she is charting.

? Mr President Mahama, please do as following to save Ghana from imminent economic collapse which is scarily staring many a Ghanaian in the face.

? 1. Reduce the number of your government appointees very drastically. Merge some ministries to help do away with some Ministers and Deputy Ministers who are not only unqualified to do the job but simply vampires and leeches drawing money corruptibly.

? 2.Stop paying people from going on air; shuttling between radio stations from dawn to dusk as notably done by Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr. The attitude of these people including the numerous other radio phone-in serial callers throwing dust into people’s eyes by fabricating and telling lies in defence of the NDC party and government has not, is not, and will never be value for money. Ghanaians are no longer stupid to easily accept their lies about the government having carried out loads of developmental projects when in reality the government has done almost practically nothing. ? 3. Try to fight corruption in the government by ensuring Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MCEs and DCEs do not inflate the costs of contracts with the aim of profiting from the deal financially or otherwise. Government functionaries in positions to award contracts to whomever, should not take the open-secret bribery of 5% to 10% of the cost of the contract so awarded.

4. The government must retrieve all the "gang up, cheat and share" judgment debts paid out to people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

5. The obvious tribalistic nature of government appointments with the ulterior motive of solely developing a part of the nation but not the others bring about corruption and abuse of power that militate against the socio-politico-economic emancipation of Ghana.

6. Cut back the salaries and allowances of all the three organs of government especially, that of the Legislature and the Executives. The not-long-ago (recent) hefty increment in their salaries with hefty Housing allowances etc. was horrendous. Was it not the case of, "you scratch my back, I scratch your back?". No sooner had the President approved their nonsensically huge salaries than they approved that of the "Ebe dii keke" President’s.

7. Would it not have been possible money-saving to the economy if Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan and then Minister for Local Government, Mr Ofosu Ampofo, had not created the election-rigging-intent forty-five Constituencies and over thirty or forty District Assemblies? Look how much money could have been saved if the Constituencies and Districts had not been created. ? Before I vamoose, the president should not surround himself with old evil dwarfs, greedy bastards and babies with sharp teeth all of whom are complete thieves.

? I shall come back to tell in detail how the Ghana economy is bleeding to death. The economy is crying for help. We need to rescue it from the hands of the current incompetently mediocre administrators before the country becomes a failed State. This is my view. What is yours, my noble reader?

Rockson Adofo ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson