Ghanaian tribal bigots should free themselves from their mental tribalism

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Sat, 22 Oct 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Akufo-Addo is the best president Ghana has ever had, the most patriotic president, and a visionary man, according to something I read recently. "One thing which is extremely evident is that Blacks don't appreciate good things, which is why Whites term us evil," the person concludes. There are a lot of folks out there who occasionally try to impress others that they are intelligent, but what they say instead shows they are complete idiots and morons. People should avoid saying things they don’t know.

After the abolition of slavery, the comment made by this imbecile is more of the kind of stuff that, when read by a white man, immediately sends the message to him that the person is either sick, stupid, a moron, or in shackles of mental-tribalism. After more than 400 years of slavery, the black man is still looking for his identity, and African-Americans are still having trouble being acknowledged as citizens of the United States. So what has the black man done that the white man may accuse him of being evil?

Apart from Ghana, where that made the insignificant comment was born, I have no idea where he has traveled to because, as he claimed, "whites call Blacks evil." In actuality, since the beginning of time, Blacks have been the ones who frequently accuse white people of being evil because of things like slavery, colonial brutality, Apartheid, and medical crimes like Aids, HIV, Ebola, tuberculosis, nodding syndrome, and other intentionally inflicted diseases on Africans.

He claims that "Akufo Addo is the best president of Ghana," which even further demonstrates the likelihood that this individual has never even left the shores of Ghana for the Republic of Togo or the Ivory Coast, let alone Europe or the United States of America. If he had traveled outside of Ghana, he would undoubtedly be aware of what a good leader is among Ghana's leaders. When I traveled outside of Ghana, I can still recall the phrase "Travel and see" that was painted on the back of many of Ghana's commercial vehicles.

Ghana has an image of being a peaceful nation in West Africa, but it also has a darker side. The nation has a dark side despite the exceptional harmony between Christians and Muslims. Ghana is not progressing because it is a nation rife with hatred and entwined with tribalism. Given the destruction and misery, Akufo Addo has inflicted on Ghanaians due to his incompetence and incapacity to combat corruption, a sensible person would never describe him as a good president.

"If you want to keep something from a black man, write it down in a book," is a white man's derogatory statement. Such a pejorative phrase is hurtful, yet there is truth in it because many Africans would not say anything so foolish as "Whites label Blacks evil" if they had much time to study. What crime has a Black man committed for a white person to label him evil? This makes no sense. This is how people with hate and tribalism-infected brains frequently say such dumb things.

Many tribal bigots don't care about the destruction and devastation Akufo Addo has wrought in Ghana because they place tribalism before prosperity. You won't ever hate your brother or sister because of where they come from if many people are not phony Christians or Muslims. Ghana is experiencing horrible leadership from a single individual who hasn't any leadership skills, and as soon as you criticize Akufo-Addo, you automatically get his anger and idiots attacking you.

Yes, Akufo Addo is the best president Ghana has ever had considering the amount of money he has embezzled, including COVID funds, and the massive debt he has put Ghana in without being held accountable. Since he failed to keep his campaign promises to decrease taxes and protect the public purse, he is also a good president. Despite spending more than six years in power, without creating jobs for the populace, he preferred to raise taxes and even enacted the E-Levy, a false tax that failed and damaged the companies of many poor Ghanaians.

After taking down some of the nation's banks, Akufo Addo has proven to be a capable leader indeed. He is also the best president Ghana has ever had since he chose to make corruption easier for his incompetent relative Ken Ofori-Atta by appointing him as finance minister. It was this easy access to corruption that caused Ghana's economy and currency to collapse. Instead, because Akufo Addo is terrible, the white man would label everybody who believes he is the best president as evil.

Akufo Addo told Ghanaians that "power belongs to them, therefore; give me that power to serve you" as he stood in front of them to seek power. Then, after being granted authority, this man transformed into a demon that hunts down his detractors. Yes, Akufo Addo is the best president Ghana has ever had because he dated Serwaa Broni and Ghanaians didn't demand that he should step down. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is the best president Ghana has ever had because to avoid any incriminating evidence to cover up the affair, he sent top NPP criminals to go after that woman at gunpoint.

Since there are white people who are interested in African news sites and who may read untrue statements like "Blacks don't appreciate good things, which is why whites call us evil," it is best to avoid making stupid comments on news websites with the intention of impressing others that you are intelligent.

There has never been a democratic government in Ghana's political history that has inflicted the devastation Akufo-Addo has done to the country and the unneeded hardships this man has brought to the homes of Ghanaians today. Thousands of jobs have been destroyed due to the country's declining economy and weakening currency. An intelligent Ghanaian would let the government know what the populace needs to find answers to their issues.

Coming out and saying stuff like, "Akufo-Addo is the best president Ghana has ever had, the most patriotic president, and a visionary man, and Blacks don't appreciate good things that's why whites call us evil," exposes there are many mad people in Ghana. Such a person is so stupid that a pig is smarter than him. A sensible individual contributes to the development of a nation. He opposes criminality, corruption, ineptitude, and crime in the state but because of uncontrollable tribalism and hatred, they speak rubbish.

Columnist: Joel Savage