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God does not love me!

God has favoured many different people as the bible is teaching us, the sick, the converted sinners, the simple-hearted, the children, the rich that had a good heart and mindset like Abraham and others.

But what about me: the Intellectual?

The Disciples of Jesus Christ were either simple fisher folks, craftsmen, farmers or wealthy merchants besides tax collectors. He had surrounded him with people of that class wherever he went and walked.

The bible is not explaining to us through which means rich people were rich, only demonstrating of what their fortune consisted, gold, silver or life-stock and people they owned of had made working for them.

The Bible does not speak about “The three intellectual Kings” as wisdom can be accomplished outside formal/intellectual education. As Jesus Christ was the healer, records about Medical Doctors are missing.

As Jesus Christ was the teacher, mentioning of Writers, Philosophers and Inventors are missing. Instead records about money, poverty and power and justice, or the misuse of it, are prominent in the Holy Scriptures.

Looking around Men of GOD in Africa and the rest of the world it is striking that GOD has chosen the most talented Prophets and Teachers of his Kingdom among men and women that cannot be described as Intellectuals. Even some hold a PhD degree, this they do in Theology mostly, not in any field of Sciences. Men of GOD do not hold Patents or Marketing Rights.

The most gifted Prophet are simple people in their intellectual capacity and capability, while most astonishing the Best in understanding bible revelations and the ability to change human lives to better them from level to level.

It seems that a simple minded person in heart, spirit and soul is most suitable, gifted and capable to listen to the word of GOD and act on his words with no doubt in simple understanding and believe, while more complicated “constructed” people find it harder to hear and see simple truth from GOD being trained to doubt anything and everything with the inbuilt requirement to ask for scientific evidence at any given level of a scientific process defending an idea against an old well establish conviction to find the very last truth of life’s matter’s.

Medical Doctors finding vaccination against HIV/AIDS, healing cancer, transplanting hearts and kidneys, modelling faces and bottoms of blond coloured L.A. Hollywood Beauties, Rocket Scientist pushing the man on the moon and beyond, engineers finding solutions to transmit TV signals into all homes across continents, Aircraft Specialist helping people move from country to country in faster ways, Car engineers working on environmental friendly movement of masses, Authors, Poets and Philosophers helping people to gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of life and entertain them to become more civilized from generation to generation, are not reflected in the Bibel or around Jesus Christ, yet without the touchable intervention of Intellectuals many people would die of illnesses, have no work to do and no challenge to move their brain capacity and capability.

Honourable rewards like Noble Prizes or Ghana Club 100 and many more are given to Intellectuals as a recognition for their outstanding performance and service to mankind. Societies take great pride and complete across cities, states and nations to compete for the best Intellectuals and put competitive measures in place to “produce” a community of Intellectuals great in numbers understanding that, not only in our century but more so than in any century before, intellectual capacity and capability is key for economic and society success as modern technology makes it possible that Know-How is available in the shortest time around the globe ready to be copied and improved on to be a back clash for the original inventor to see and feel the pain to be honest and simple minded in business while others are ruthless and fast in money making.

It seems that societies depend on Intellectuals more than ever, while GOD pushes simple minded people into his Kingdom to work for him, teach to others his message and unveil revelations to heal the needy and change the world to be a better place for all, one by one.

Does this mean, GOD has no regard for Intellectuals, only for businessmen and hard-working craftsmen even their work is so much needed and cherished among humans never been mentioned in the Scriptures? Does this not lead to –avoidable- jealousy and injustice of the Intellectuals against others, especially Men of GOD, an unfair imbalance?

This justified question leads to interesting insight and discussions for which I myself have no real answers but look for input from outside knowing that everyone is born for a reason and once discovered and standing on its GOD given talents, has no reason not to be felt loved by GOD nor jealous of other people’s talent, especially Men of GOD that know not Sciences, but life’s principles that lead each of us to his or her destination and assignment. GOD has not neglected us, he needs us Intellectuals, but gives as a sound foundation to perform on his given mandate as long as we all have respect for each other’s values; after all, humans are humans in which form they might walk on earth for the glory of GOD that is above ALL.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, karlheinzheerde@yahoo.de , 03.12.2017

Columnist: Karl-Heinz Heerde