Gone Are The Days……

Sat, 9 Aug 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Gone are days when Ghana abounded in honest men and women

With each person being their neighbour’s keeper

Everyone ensuring their neighbour never went hungry

All sharing fairly the limited resources at their disposal

With love, honesty and sincerity

Bringing in their trail smiles to everyone’s face

What a great period it was!

Gone are the days when truth reigned supreme

Among the entirety of Ghanaians

And peace among people being conspicuous

Without any remarkable tribal animosity

Among the numerous tribes in Ghana

Harmony among tribes thrived

Uniting all people as Ghanaians

Without tribal distinctions

Gone are the days when children could play outside homes

Till late in the night

After they had returned from schools

Completed their daily after-school chores

Without parents getting worried about their safety

Because everyone cared for their neighbour

And guaranteed their safety

As they would for themselves

Gone are the days when in the villages

Nobody would remove a game from a neighbour’s trap

But would rather hurry to inform them of the good news

Having partially covered the game in leaves

The owner being very thankful of the noble service

Then sharing the meat with as many village-neighbours as possible

For when the neighbours were happy, he was also happy

Gone are the days when there was no marked corruption in government

People in government were industrious

Working to bring developments into their localities

Providing their people with roads, tap water and hospitals

They were really serving Ghana and their people

What a great period that was!

Gone are the days when the military were vigilant

Keeping eye on any wayward government

Whipping them into line

Chasing them out of government when need be

Imposing themselves on us for a while

Working to cleanse the rot from society

But oftentimes brutal in pursuit of their objective

Then hand over after probably messing up the situation further.

In hindsight, the old days were better

Ghanaians lived a much better life

Without encountering gargantuan corruption

As pertains today

Among our members of government

Insatiably greedy, corrupt and incompetent as they are

Scrambling for wealth same as the Whites scrambled for Africa

Lording it over their fellow Ghanaians

Intimidating them as they go by

With job and personal insecurity very observable

And everyone crying, cursing the day that they were conceived

Indeed, gone are the old good days,

When I dined from the same bowl,

With my schoolmates

Kwadwo Mahamadu, Adu Anthony and a host of others

Going to “Sofia line” (Surveyor Line) in Kumawu

Searching for mangoes, avocado (“paya” – pear) etc.

To be taken to teachers for “Section” marks

And waited for Fridays to hear the results

Which section had come first, and which was last

All these good days have gone to come no more!

Verily, verily, gone are the days,

When men were men

And women were women

And children were children.

Gone indeed, are the days!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson