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Dumor is Dead so ???? - Life Goes On

Dumor is Dead so ???? - Life Goes On

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 Source: Prempeh, Adjoa

We of the Young Liberals Party of Ghana, wishes the family of the late

Komla Dumor our condolences and sympathy for their loss, and in that

same light wish to inform Ghanaians that there is more to life than to

mourn or cry over spilt milk. The time is now for Ghanaians wake up

and stop being "Dead Death Junkies " (DDJs) who would take any

and every opportunity to shun responsibility only to glamorize death.

The man is dead, and so are other millions around the world every day.

Ghanaians could or would not even give a damn about the family of the

8yr old boy that died in Kumasi due to lack of proper medical care

because Government is busy dribbling with the true issues and

challenges the average Ghanaian faces, nor would anyone care to find

out why an 11yr old girl is suffering at Korle Bu teaching hospital

because the machines needed for her Kidney condition are all no longer

in use and out-moded. ??

The lips services that rain itself through the media , and the

subsequent lapses it creates in taking away the real issues of our

people off the drawing / discussion board simply because our hypocrisy

as a people takes over makes us look like a bunch of jokers.

Ghana needs a leadership that is focused enough to lead and direct the

state of affairs of our beloved country, so that our people would not

become Dead Death Junkies (DDJs) whose only drug is hypocrisy and

corruption. Listening to people that supposedly knew or didn’t know

the late Komla Dumor, is so pathetic, because even in mourning you can

smelling the hypocrisy of our people., especially within a large

chunk of our older citizenry , who have left the youth with no other

option but to leech onto their corrupt ways.

The Young Liberals Party of Ghana, hereby throws the challenge to the

good people of Ghana, to dare themselves enough to stand up against

what is slowly becoming the second nature of Ghanaians , which is

lack of responsibility /corruption and lies,. and face the the truth

because many are those that felt Komla Dumor that bought into the hype

and because just another puppet for Uncle Tom. African youths both

home and abroad that were actively involved with the enhancement of

our civil society, looked up to Dumor when he landed the BBC job, but

were soon disappointed to find out that the African story told was no

where near the realities of the youth on the continent, because the

hype has always been to idolize corrupt men and women and label them

“heroes”, while the true face of Africa is yet again shoved underneath

the red carpet.

There is the GYEEDA REPORT which to date has not been properly

accounted for ., the WAYOME SAGA which keeps haunting both the NPP and

the NDC, and then Minister of Works asking average ghanaians to set up

TOLL BOOTHs on the roads in their communities, because that’s the

only way roads can be mantained. This is the Ghana we are all living

in today with irresponsible leaders that only want to be seen in

designer suits for photo opportunities that arouses their egoes.

Wake up Ghana., time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The

crocodile tears are too symbolic of our lies and deceitful ways., let

us start working to put a smile on the face of the living , because

the dead would never smile back at us. Young Ghanaian children are

suffering for lack of proper medical care, discipline, and a social

structure that can define the future of our nation. Dumor is dead,

and life goes on.

Long live Ghana.

Adjoa Prempeh




Columnist: Prempeh, Adjoa