Something must kill a man: Efo Worlanyo writes on Prof. Gyampo

Gyampo   Efo Worlanyo Professor Ransford Gyampo is a Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana

Mon, 7 Oct 2019 Source: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

What is wrong with an adult proposing to an adult opposite sex? Or do they want him to propose to his fellow man?

If BBC is telling us the lady is their reporter and not a student why then could sex be used to exchange for grade?

The reality is that men are men, and will continue to be men. You seduce us, you catch fire!

Did he rape the girl? According to those who even watched the full video there wasn’t even any Sexual intercourse so why the noise?

Why did BBC leave their country and continent to pull their trigger on Africa? Why didn’t they start with their own?

Prof. GYAMPO is one of the reasons we lost the 2016 election and still his recent comments on my party isn’t pleasant but the truth is the truth and something must kill a man.

Let’s wise up Africa and stop killing our own because the Whiteman say so! They are the worse when it comes to this Nonsense.

My SSS(Great Kintampo Senior High) headmaster Mike Abowen always say Everybody is a thief but if you are not caught you are not a thief.

Always remember, SOMETHING MUST KILL A MAN ooo.


Columnist: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo
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