Have NDC got any worthy mind of their own?

Mon, 22 Dec 2014 Source: Yawose, John

Anytime I visit my grandfather in the village, he always voices out a wonder about the genuineness of NDC since their advent in 1992. To him, NDC main aim is to win power at all cost and thus keep NPP out of power at all cost but what to use the power for is not their problem. They just create, they loot, they share freely but they still manage to convince the electorate that NPP are the worst culprits in recklessness in governance and executive corruption.

He is at a loss to understand how Ghanaians can just keep quiet to accept the present position that Ghana's total indebtedness which was $8b in 2008 is $24b in 2014 i.e NDC alone have contracted $16b indebtedness in 6 years? He thinks NDC thus clearly have a spiritual hold of some sort on Ghanaians—i.e. to the level of some sort of hypnotic influence. Things are not normal. He does not understand that since 1981, out of the 34 years, Rawlings, NDC and their rotten agents have ruled Ghana for 26 years and NPP and their agents have had only 8 years—and NDC are still shameless, arrogant and aggressive wanting to rule us again in 2017, telling Ghanaians at every opportunity that NPP are the cause of Ghana's economic mess. He thinks NDC have shown the greatest levels of disrespect to the dignity of Ghanaians with that attitude.

I just came to Accra from a visit to the village and I am still pondering over what grandpa told me. He had monitored the just ended NDC congress in Kumasi and told me four things about NDC to buttress his thinking about them, which I want to share with readers:-.

· When NPP was talking about Northern Accelerated Development, many years ago, John Mahama a Northern politician who led the NDC, told them to use the money to rather pay TOR bills and stop hallucinating about Northern development.-------Later when NDC lied to power, they saw wisdom in the idea and conscripted it into SADA, which of course dumb as they are they can't execute after winning power

· Similarly, the FREE SHS idea Akufo Ado floated was ridiculed by NDC and their dumb apparatchiks when NDC said it was not possible until 50 years' time.----- From nowhere, as 2016 approaches, NDC have seen wisdom in the concept and have actually taken it over as a ruling government – trying to implement it after all

· NPP set up their party structures with Communications Directorate many years ago. --Just yesterday NDC saw reason and abolished their office of lies and spins called the Propaganda Secretariat of a National Propaganda Secretary supported by regional and constituency propaganda secretaries--to be replaced with a National Communications Directorate just as NPP. So what was the point of the constant arguments about the worthwhileness of the propaganda outfit they created since 1994 in the airwaves and TV? It has always been useless outpouring of energy discussing the issue after all? How did the haggling benefit Ghana? Have NDC been lying to power all this while?

· Furthermore, NPP expanded their delegates list to more than 150,000 four years ago in the name of democracy and participation of the people who form the mass party.------NDC ridiculed the expansion idea but just yesterday, NDC voted to expand their 3,600 delegates list to 140,000 in due course just in line with NPP.

My question is, have NDC ever got any worthy mind of their own? Where is their initiative in any aspect of governance to date?

It seems NPP have been doing all the positive thinking in governance to drive the economy, social-politico spectrum and electoral processes along. We wait to see the thinking NDC will bring to reform the electoral process as ordered by the Supreme court. NDC will surely pay electoral price for their takashie waywardness and laziness in their thinking in 2016. NDC are fake. They just have nothing to offer apart from recklessness, abuse, name-calling, intellectual laziness creating, looting and sharing.

They are the greatest parasites but they are the greatest eaters. NDC are gradually being exposed as a bunch of parasitic greedy bastards, dumbs, walkabouts, tribal jingoists. Posterity will surely never be kind to them

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John