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Hey NPP, this is not the right time to think about breaking the 8-year cycle

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Wed, 28 Apr 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

It is completely hallucinatory, if not a total joke, for any NPP member or sympathiser to start clamouring for breaking the nonsensically ruinously established alternating 8-year cycle of political power between the NDC and the NPP.

All is presently not well with the NPP administration. Therefore, it is absolutely infantile on the part of anyone to be deeply involved in supporting and campaigning for any member of their choice to become the flagbearer of the NPP to break the 8-year cycle as said above.

We start to count from one before reaching ten. That is the normal order of numerical counting except in the exceptional case of a countdown as in “the backward counting in fixed time units from the initiation of a project, as a rocket launching, with the moment of firing designated as zero”.

Subsequently, the current teeming problems facing the nation must first be addressed before anyone makes attempts or aspires to become the flagbearer of the NPP in the hope of winning election 2024.

NPP should not think about going into election 2024 to win it amid the current state of affairs still existing or hanging around their neck like an albatross.

All is not well at all. The country is heading in the wrong direction. The water bodies, the fertile and arable lands, the virgin forests and the air that we breathe are all being spoiled not only by native Ghanaians but heartless foreigners.

Are people’s lives not being taken on daily basis by criminals who desire to be super rich overnight? Are pastors and prophets not accusing one another of resorting to rituals of human sacrifices to get rich? Are pastors not duping their congregations and making them lazy by way of having them in churches seven days a week in order to collect offertories and tithes from them?

What about the spate of armed robberies, arsons, and kidnappings that have undertones of politics as are ongoing in Ghana? What about the intentional sluggish delivery of justice in Ghana where judges and lawyers and some clients probably collude to twist justice in favour of the highest bidder by way of the stupidly incessant deferments of the hearing of cases?

Until the president and the NPP hierarchy with their members and supporters ensure that the dire problems currently facing the nation are resolved, nobody should think of becoming the NPP flagbearer capable of breaking the one-step forward and three-steps backwards cyclically alternating 8 years in power and 8 in hibernation as is currently the order between the NDC and NPP.

Solve the pressing problems first, or else, consider yourselves as out of power come election 2024. This is the gospel truth. There is no ifs or buts!

We cannot go into slavery under the hands of the cruel Chinese whose hidden but now open agenda to take over Ghana has grown to a crescendo.

Wake up Ghanaians. Wake up the leaders of NPP. Wake up the supporters of NPP for all is not well for the party and the nation.

To be continued.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo