Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and A Plus must bury their heads in shame

Ken Agyapong Cocobod File Photo

Fri, 1 Sep 2017 Source: Bigtymer

Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong and Kwame A plus I believe must be very very happy today for making their so called corruption allegations against their own party members n particularly against this young govt a topical issue on all media platforms

Today thanks to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and kwame A plus, this very young govt has become a laughing stock on the lips of the desperate frustrated NDC criminals all because of these false allegations against appointees of this young govt... Today Hon. Ken and Kwame A plus have become the only source of corruption cases against appointees of this govt n the govt itself to the desperate frustrated NDC criminals

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Kwame A plus may think they are doing themselves any good by destroying n character assassinating members of their own party by tagging them with corruption but what these two holier than thou people are forgetting is that it's rather the President they are falsely accusing of corruption n not the people they are targeting since it's the President who appointed those people they are accusing... What Hon. Ken and Kwame A plus are implying is that, the President is corrupt n so has therefore appointed corrupt people to surround him at his office at the seat of govt, the Jubilee House.

Nobody is saying that no one should report the corrupt people serving in this govt if indeed they are found to be corrupt but as the Bible rightly said, we have the right to everything but not all things are good for us n as former President Kufour also said at the conference ground in Cape coast, that let's treat internal party issues internally n not in the public domain or on radio... So if as a party member u find or see any appointee of this govt to be corrupt, what u have to do is to report that corrupt person to the appropriate quarters in the party for the party hierarchy to deal with that alleged corrupt persons n not coming to sit on radio, TV, social media or the public just to disgrace n humiliate the govt n the party

Hon. Ken is one person I know is very close to the President, so why can't he just walk straight to the President to report the so called corrupt people he claims he has evidence against to him n stop his needless public outburst n allegations against party people which always gives political weapon to the NDC Fools... I don't ever remember any NDC member coming out publicly to accuse any member of the NDC of Corruption in the miserable 8yrs that they ruled this country so why would some people in the NPP decide to tag their own members n appointees of this young govt of corruption in just 8months of office just to paint this govt as corrupt in the sight of the people who voted for us

Hon. Ken and Kwame A plus must bury their heads in Shame for tagging this very young govt n party that they themselves belong to with corruption that I can bet with my last breath that they have no evidence to n giving unjustifiable political weapon to the desperate frustrated NDC Fools to run with

Hon. Ken and Kwame A plus must deal with their issues internally if indeed they are true party men n stop disgracing, humiliating n ridiculing this young govt n the NPP as a party in govt in the Public domain. A word to the wise they say is at the North

I rest ma case....

Columnist: Bigtymer