How NPP's sakawa strategic partnerships raped Mother Ghana

Tue, 17 May 2011 Source: Fela O Fela

The news of the NDC governments decision not to extend the contract of Aqua Vitan Rand Limited in water management in Ghana couldn't have come at a better time. Matter of factly, many true patriots and nationalists alike are of the view that the Mills-Mahama administration is just too terribly "slow" at rendering that true and indubitable criminal, administrative, social, and institutional JUSTICE for the good people of Ghana who have been waiting restlessly since the very day NPP assume political power.

Many are of the view that such a declaration should have come many, many moons ago and not two years, four months, one week and whole day after the progressive NDC has been gracefully voted back to power.

Where is that Kweku Sekyi Addo of the "Kweku One on One" fame when you need him to answer some pertinent questions regarding the hypocrisy and sheer incompetence and retrogressive nature of the Nefarious People's Party.

This was a man who used his position as a journalist in the state-owned media house (gbc or gtv) to champion the course of the Akan hegemonic agenda of the NPP. And when he was fired for his partisan nonsense, he and the NPP took to maligning the government of JJ Rawlings as not being tolerant of divergent views and repressive to the opposition and free press as a whole.

But his dirty job worked as when the NPP came to power in 2001, he was giving a lofty position as the Director of Communication for the company in question, AVRL... once again, he lied and lied to cover-up the incompetence and reckless looting of the taxpayers' sweat and blood. Did I hear that he is retiring after just sixteen short years as a journalist?

So these NPP journalists are even retiring younger than soccer players and international athletes....Eiii, Ewurade Nyankupon!

This so called "strategic (mis)management partnership" that NPP brought onto the good people of Ghana was not exclusive to just the water or utility sector alone; the same financial chicanery machinery was introduced to the telecommunications sector by way of the greedy Kuffour-led NPP cancelling the well-performing Telekom Malaysia deal with Ghana Telecom ( a move that caused the Ghanaian tax payer over $100 million in fines at the international financial court in Hague) and handed it over to their preferred company, Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunication company with no tender whatsoever, let alone abide by their own much touted Appropriation Bill.

Funny enough, it was the NPP themselves that sent Telenor packing as it became public that the so-called fancy strategic partners were making away with hundreds millions of American dollars in salaries and other juicy emoluments/packages moreso than the tiny kickbacks that they were greasing the palms of their kukrudu co-conspirators with.

The same 'NPP-development-in-freedom' broad-day-light robbery was applied in the transportation sector when the NPP went all out to intentionally and specifically ran the fledging state-owned Ghana Airways to the ground then turned around and sell the company and it's many valuable and enviable assets to themselves --all under the guise of privatisation, privatisation, privatisation.

So fraudulent was this deal that the NPP gurus ( including the president's son and Sammy Crabbe and his brothers) who owned 70 percent majority shares in the newly formed Ghana International Airline ( big name for a chartered airline operating company registered off-shore in the Cayman Islands --not even in Ghana) without putting any money down, yet drew a contract on behalf of the unsuspecting good people of Ghana whereby the 30 percent shareholder, the Government of Ghana, had to dole out a whopping $1.5 million of the poor taxpayers money every month for over three years, all to the tune of over $50 million, for a sakawa operation under the fancy banner of "strategic partnership" inline with the NPP's motto of "development in freedom".

It is quite clear that neither the 'development' nor the 'freedom' component of that motto were in anyway applicable to the good people of Ghana who had to bear the brunt of the incompetence and outright state looting and nation wrecking legacy of the NPP.

It would be remembered how the then chief of staff, Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani aka Super Mugu Yaro, --the most power chief of staff in the history of chiefs of staff; a chief of staff that wielded more powers than the globe-throtting president and the clueless vice president of the Akan hegemonic Non Patriotic Peoples party -- took a platoon of armed soldiers to oust their 'obroni strategic partners' out of their office in the Airport Residential section of Accra.

And when these state-looting and nation-wreckers are voted out of office in eight out of ten regions, with their parliamentary seats dropping from 130 to 95, or so, out of 230 seats, their jingoistic demagogue of a flagbearer refuses to categorically and unequivocally "concede defeat" and throw his ceremonial support behind the winner.

As though that was not unfortunate enough to cause a popular revolt as seen sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa, despite such high catalogue of blunders, the Nefarious Peoples Party is of the strident view that the then opposition candidate, the indefatigaguable John Evans Fifi Atta Mills, only won the election because ofa special "Magic Ring!" ....Just Imagine!

And with this warped, villagitic, backwards perception, the Gingoistic Demagogue Nana Williams Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, who always emerge as the winner in his party's primaries under strange and controversial circumstances, is now whipping up tribalist sentiments and threatening armageddon of the genocidal proportion if his myopic Akan political grouping does not emerge as winners of the coming 2012 elections.

"yen Akanfuo deén, ye nye hu hu ...... 2012 election deea, ebe ye All Die Be Die"....

Eiiiiii, My Fellow "Ghana-nians", Are We Safe? Can We Ever Be Safe Under the Bloody Rule of these NPP Talibans? Ayooooooo......



(Fela O Fela)

Columnist: Fela O Fela