Hypocrisy, lies, dishonesty; Traits of the incompetent one and his clowns

Fri, 4 Oct 2019 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

“Twa, eheee, twa le nakai,” he seemed to have told his cameraman as he rested his head on the lap of Andrew Solomon. The broad grin like the crescent of the moon connected his two ear lobes. Attire was white, an advocacy colour for LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders).

There was an international meeting of these abnormal perverts somewhere in New York that I was told John Mahama attended in support of this global trend of blasphemy and ungodliness, and, also, to massage the balls (shuwa) of his good friend and financier, Andrew Solomon.

In fact, he pinched Nana Oye Lithur in her catastrophic arse to push this agenda, creating an embarrassing litany of reasons why LGBT should be allowed in Ghana.

The slew of murmurs, discontent, and rancorous discourse amongst Ghanaians created a chain reaction of events that finally drew the dog’s tail between its legs. Until today, John Mahama seems to continue serving Andrew Solomon in many ways other than the “Half-Asini” style proposed by my good friend and sister at Bolgatanga.

Anyway, the rancid manner of playing “holier-than-thou” has projected the inept and fallacious character of John Mahama, further sinking his name into the same abyss that he left Ghanaians in before the ascent of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to the Presidency of Ghana.

In collusion with his evil gangsters, John Mahama, allegedly lifted excerpts from birth control and other social welfare books, including some from the British curricula, to photoshop onto the GES syllabi. Then the dirty propaganda began.

I heard with total shock his submission on the matter of sexual education, which is non-existent in our schools in the first place. It has never been, and will never be! He is now opposing the idea that he advocated for during his tenure as President.

Though it is true that we are all kicking against any such lessons that will deride the very essence of education in Ghana, John Mahama, certainly, has no moral right to indulge in such a discussion. After all, he is a known advocate for bottom-romping disgust, and a known blasphemer, too. Well, he did point to the sky and sort of dared GOD when the election petition verdict was stolen in his favour. We have not forgotten!

The picture that he took resting his head on the lap of Andrew Solomon very close to the man’s groin stripped him off any rights to debates and discussions on the morality of educational material that he knows all too well does not teach adolescents that troublesome thing they call, “SEX”! Yes it is troublesome, otherwise how then would John Mahama be alleged to have so many children out of wedlock, nineteen I am informed, other than those not under his umbrella?

Someone must please tell the flagbearer of the NDC, Mr John Mahama, that he should rather try to defend how Bole-Bamboi remained in such abject poverty after his many years in office as MP, Vice President, and President.

Maybe he should be called, “Mr Serendipity”, because he caught the bird in midair, being at the same place, same time to be nominated by Professor Atta-Mills to be his running mate.

A very deadly choice, if you ask me!

And this, just by the way; if he is complaining about the Bole to Hamile road, he should be ashamed because he paid the contractor millions of Us Dollars to have it fixed, but alas, as in most contracts awarded under his tutelage, that road began breaking down and eroding much earlier than 2016. He should blame himself and no one else!

Under NPP, even NDC strongholds are being fixed because President Akufo-Addo extends his competence and love for the nation across board. No libilibi no labalaba. Soon those strongholds that did not fall in 2016, will surely fall in 2020, in shaa ALLAH. So let no person doubt for a minute that Akufo-Addo will fix that road. He certainly will as he is fixing others everywhere all over the country.

Four more for Nana #FMFN

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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