I am a proud Ghanaian and a typical zongorian.

Mon, 29 Jul 2013 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

I rule under the sign of Gemini, born in Manhyia hospital in Kumasi on

a certain Sunday June,19th in the late 70's.

I experienced an unforgetable birthday at a tender age, when

corporal Halidu Gyiwa alongside colonel Ekow Dennis and other disloyal

soldiers struck on the 19th of June, 1983.

The overthrow of Rawlings was announced,amidst wide-spread jubilations

throughout the country which I still reminisce.

The Usherfort and Nsawam Prisons were thrown open, and

several prisoners fled; the jail break metamorphosed into a coup


Several hours later, captain Quarshigah appeared boldly at the GBC to

announce the foiled coup attempt to rescue the tainted pride of


I was raised in a typical Zongo community called Sabon Zongo,just

a stone throw from the Manhyia palace.

Some critics of my articles insinuate that I am not a Ghanaian

without any basis for their insinuations. Perhaps it is an heresy for

a typical Zongorian like myself to rise above the morass of

ethnocentrism, hate speech, stereotyped perception about the

natives(Asantes).phantom of imaginary enemy ,and religious bigotry

that's being fuelled by the extremists, radicals and the NDC

propaganda machinery in the Zongo community. I may be

eccentric for I refuse to allow my society to 'put me under the

faculty of ape-one like of imitation' by choosing my plan for me.

K.A Busiah's aliens compliance order had it's execesses. And the NPP

must not run away from it.

If the aliens compliance order had been pragmatically

implemented, aliens from our neighbouring countries would not have

been able to penetrate through our porous borders, and poor

identification system, to bloat our current population.

Does it make socio-economic sense to have a system in place

that can not differentiate between an alien and a citizen?

For political expediency, the NDC activists in the Zongo

community, encourage foriegners to register for vote,to the detriment

of the citizenry.

Long before the aliens compliance order, the CPP government

of the late dictator, Dr.Nkrumah, passed the deportation(Osman Ladan

and Amadu Baba) Act on 23rd August 1957, empowering the minister of

interior to depot the two persons there in to Nigeria, despite the

writ they had issued,and which was pending in high court.

As the leaders of the then Muslims Association Party,

(MAP), Amadu Baba and Osman Ladan's only crime for their depotation,

was to have rejected Nkrumah's offer to their MUSLIM ASSOCIATION PARTY

to join the Convention People's Party.

In effect, 13 tribal chiefs, including my grandfather,

the late chief of BISSA Community in Ashanti, Alhaji Salifu were also

deported for opposing the CPP. The Muslim Association Party (MAP),

Merged with the National Liberation Movement(NLM), And the Northern

People's Party to form the United party (UP).

I was attracted to the UP by these quotation from Dr.

JB Danquah 'The party's policy is to liberate the energies of the

peoplel for the growth of property owning democracy in this land, with

the right to life, freedom and justice, as the principles to which the

government and the laws of the land should be dedicated in order

specifically to enrich life, property and liberty of each and every


No wonder, we experienced a golden age of bussiness

and enhanced infrastructure in the erstwhile NPP administration. Good

governance and due process was manifested for the 1st time in the

fourth republic under J.A Kufour. Eventhough capitalist

oriented, The NPP Government iniated social interventions such as the

National Health Insurance Scheme, Free maternal care, Free school

feeding programme and many others to cushion the burden of poverty on

the deprived communities like my Zongo Community. As an

independent minded Zongorian, my personal principles, and convictions

does not allow me to be ungrateful for the NPP on the basis of tribal

sentiments ,that can not guarantee food on the tables of many a hungry

Zongorians nor pay their wards school fees. For Allah's

sake, for how long will my people in the Zongo continue to be victims

of the NDC propaganda to divide in order to rule?

The threats I have been receiving from phone calls and

emails for speaking my mind on ghanaweb can not deter me in any way.

I don't have a death-wish, but I don't expect to live

forever. And fear and despair is for those who expect to live forever.

Who and What shall I fear except ALLAH when my life stands before


Tanko Ali Yahaya,

independent minded Zongorians.


Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali