If You Hate Rawlings - You Must Leave The NDC

Fri, 12 Feb 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


My attention was drawn to the above factual story which appeared on page 10 of the “Daily Guide” Tuesday January 26th 2010, which some NDC gurus hate to read, just because the paper is described as anti – NDC and therefore anti – government. I doubt if they are true politicians as they claim to be. As for me, I read all the news papers except Sports papers and Lotto papers. Kindly have the courtesy of publishing this rejoinder un-edited for the doubting Thomases to see whether what you publish are true or false and also to hear my side of the story.

It is a fact that the Municipal co-ordinator of the NYEP and his deputy, Frederick Addai went through due process for their selection with their appointment letters duly signed by Hon. Rashid Pelpuo then minister of Youth and Sports. BUT both of them are being punished for aligning themselves with me; and the position of the powers that be in the constituency is to invent lies as well as degrading remarks to condemn them to the extent of calling them womanizers, thieves, rapists and treacherous backbiters just to give the dog a bad name and hang it, but they lie bad, they will fail.

The MCE told party supporters that neither he nor the constituency Chairman of the Obuasi NDC are aware of the appointments of the NYEP co-ordinator and his Deputy – this was on the 13th January 2010 and again he said it to the cadre corps headed by me, when we invited him to react to the culture of “Creeping Ingratitude in the NDC” which was the agenda of the cadres meeting on 21st January 2010.

Both the MCE and the Constituency Chairman are fully aware of the appointments of the NYEP co-ordinator and his Deputy. The only problem is that one John Ackah the Constituency Organizer who left Ghana in 2007 only to return to Ghana when the NDC won the 2008 elections is the MAIN BRAIN behind the attack on the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy since he enjoys the FULL support of the MCE and the Constituency Chairman in Obuasi. John Ackah is the self acclaimed “Chief of Staff” of the MCE and the self styled “Interior Minister” as he describes himself in the Obuasi NDC, and I don’t know which part of the NDC Constitution he acquired those undeserved titles, may be he represents the Ghana version of Uganda’s General Idi Amin, since Ackah is also an illiterate. I will not have written this rejoinder but I have been mentioned by the source as saying that they are being intimidated, harassed and assaulted for aligning themselves with me which is 100% TRUE, but nobody can do away with me in the Obuasi Constituency because I am honest, fearless and truthful and that is what the NDC stands for. Mr. Sampson Sarkodie the NYEP co-ordinator in Obuasi and Deputy are aligning themselves with the TRUTH which I uphold in the NDC and not my personality as a cadre. The present constituency executives does not want to ensure transparency in the party that is why they have been misbehaving but they lie bad. Transparency must work in the party. On January 20th 2010 at the party’s Women’s Wing meeting, John Ackah condemned some hardworking branch women organizers by accusing them that they are all supporters of Sampson Sarkodie and swore that Sarkodie the NYEP co-ordinator will remain in office over his dead body, yet this is a common constituency organizer who did not cast a single vote for the party in the 2008 elections behaving as if he is the appointing authority. The real problem in the Obuasi Constituency is a battle between the TRUTH versus LIES and is the later that will be defeated finally for peace to prevail in the party. Nobody should be allowed to play the ostrich by burying his head in the sand because we must not beat the side of the drum when the face is there, as a senior cadre since the party’s formation in 1992, I always point out mistakes made by some party executives that will drive supporters away from the party until I left A.G.C. in December 2003 and remained in the party still playing the same role. The former executives took my advice in good faith and changed their behaviour, but the Present executives in the party decided to do what they liked and their general behaviour only drives away more people. I spoke against it in 2009 and will continue to speak against it until the right thing is done. This is the main reason why they hate any party member who aligns himself with me. Nobody can seal the mouth of a cadre through intimidation except DEATH.

Cadres are imbued with patriotism, nationalism, commitment and are very courageous and fearless.

The MCE was present at our monthly cadres meeting at Obuasi on the 21st January, 2009 where we discussed the non – recognition of cadres, the sideling of cadres’ as well as some constituency executives’ attempt to subvert cadres. They would fail woefully because cadres are Assets to the NDC and NOT liabilities. Somebody must tell me – What were the rewards for the extreme sacrifices of the cadres nationwide for 10 years during the PNDC era? Despite the fact that our own party did NOT reward us for our sacrifices, cadres remained loyal to the party for 8 good years in the hellish opposition to the then NPP government. Thousands of cadres were retrenched from NADMO, NFED, and NCCE by Ex – President Kuffour’s NPP government – Up to date no pesewa was given to anybody. To day, 2010 the political tables have turned in favour of the NDC, so the NPP members must thank their stars because Ghanaians have elected a God fearing President called Professor J. E. A. Mills who always looks up to God and reads the Holy Bible before taking ANY DECISION at the Castle otherwise the NDC would have retaliated the NPP by telling them that TIT for TAT IS NO SIN at all because all known NDC members of the party were sacked from their various offices nationwide by the NPP in January 2001 after Ex-President Kufour’s inauguration. They were also Ghanians but no one coughed and the Pro-NDC media never saw it as news worthy to write about the mass dismissals of the NDC members by the NPP in 2001. Today, if you sack one NPP member, their vibrant electronic and print media will highlight it in such a way that the whole world will hear them. This is the vast difference between the NDC and the NPP. As a senior cadre, do you expect me to tow the lines of a bunch of self seekers in the constituency whose main aim is to destroy hardworking NDC members and cadres in the Obuasi Constituency?

This will NEVER happen so long as I am alive and remains the Municipal organizer of the United Cadres Front in the Obuasi Municipality. If you don’t respect me, I respect myself, if you don’t trust me, I trust myself. It all happened when I stated that “We must build a strong independent party on whose programme a government gets its mandate to run the affairs of the state, where the party will be in the best position to monitor and evaluate the performance of the government, exercising state power and authority in its name”. In this case I am referring to President J. E. A. Mills.

The party is responsible for the conduct of government appointees and elected officials e.g. our Members of Parliament. On the contrary, the illiterate Constituency Organizer who did NOT cast a single vote for the NDC but returned from Italy to HIJACK the NDC in Obuasi, also stated that “All executives must go to the office of the MCE daily and that anybody who fails to do that, is against the MCE”. He added that he goes to the MCE’s office every morning, afternoon and evening. The constituency chairman also goes there every morning for instructions on what to do daily. My God – from whom did the Chairman go for instructions when we were in opposition for 8 years? Was he receiving instructions from the NPP appointed MCE or what? I refused to obey this alien concept issued by the organizer.

With the above speech, all the constituency executives except Sampson Sarkodie and his Deputy in the NYEP supported me hence the threat to REMOVE them, we are watching whether they would succeed in their removal. I still stand by the above speech I made today, tomorrow and forever because governments come and go, but the party remains forever, you either take it or leave it but it is the bitter truth.

Naturally, if you bury the TRUTH with malice, it will germinate with violence – cast your minds back – this happened on June 4th 1979. The erstwhile C.D.R.’s now United Cadres Front projected nonentities to fame and we dressed known crooks with saintly garbs in the name of National Reconciliation during the PNDC era only to be called names and even sidelined with contempt by the very people. It will NEVER happen again this time round.

If you put stumbling blocks on my way, I will rather step on top of the very blocks and fight on very hard to victory because the 31st December revolution was NOT launched with a TOY PISTOL. It is only a foolish cadre that will allow himself to be pushed around, sidelined and finally bought like a sheep with a rope around his neck and he then bleat behind some money bags in the NDC whilst they drag him along simply because he is a poor cadre. Unfortunately, I am NOT that type of cadre at all.


Every member of the NDC is a Rawlings Boy including His Excellency President J. E. A. Mills, because the NDC party is one BIG FAMILY without any factions so all those who hate Rawlings and are NOT prepared to work with those they describe as “Rawlings boys and girls” must leave the party with their dishonesty and treachery or shut up for good. I am not a cheap politician and so I don’t play cheap politics at all. Now that the issue of the NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy has been made public, we are patiently waiting for government’s re-action to the behaviour of the MCE and his party executives who said they can overturn their appointments. The Obuasi Constituency Secretariat is now a white washed grave which looks beautiful outside, but full of rotten bones underneath just because of the selfish interests of some few constituency executives within the party. Enough is Enough. Let my detractors come again, for this is only the tip of the ice berg.


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Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement