In the mind of an 'independent' zongorian

Sun, 25 Aug 2013 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

One of the things that are immutable in every human endeavor is

protagonist and antagonism.

But one must ensure that he/she will either support or oppose to a

cause on the basis of objectivity, accuracy, candor, and reality, and

not by blind faith, diabolism, and inherited truth.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude

to people like OYOKOBA, Issaka Ali Sambo, Nii Yebuah, Fareed Adams,

Nana Wiafe, A.S Abu, Akosua Tabuwaa, Giwa, Abdul, and many others who

encourage me to keep sharing my 'independent' view on this platform.

And to my avowed critics like MOYO, SHAMU, Alhassan Damba, YAW,

TENDAANA, and many others who continue to be tormented by the naked

facts I state on this web, I want to assure those critics that their

'night marish' experience from my realistic opinions is far from

over, because I will intensify stating the naked truth, of which they

are allergic to.

They have every right to stick to their bigotry,

dogmatism, imaginary enemy vision, intolerance, vindictiveness, hate

speech, double standard, inferiority complex and xenophobia.

I don't expect them to agree with me because, I refuse to join them in the

bandwagon of mischief, playing the victim, machiavellianism, postulation, and demagogic tendencies.

And more over, my principles forbid me from allowing myself to be incited by the hate speeches of ethnocentric and divisive minded people, to show ingratitude towards the indigenous communities who had been hosting the Zongo Community for

more than a century.

In fact, it will be an understatement on my part to state that the Kumasi "thing" is in me, because I am becoming the Kumasi "thing" itself.

As a staunch football fanatic, I always keep my head up, and beat my chest with pride at the entrance of the Stadium when I gaze at the inscription:" Babayara Sports Stadium". This assertion may sound "strange" and "mundane" to some readers, but for most of us who are conscious of the ethnocentric agenda of the Accra Mayor, his

"tribalistic highness", Alfred okoh Vanderpuei, who obliterated the name of the late sports administrator, Ohene Djan from the Accra Stadium because he and his likes were too ethnocentric minded to tolerate a non-Ga to be named after the stadium which is Situated in "GA- Land".

This is scenario is profound for Zongorians like us because when "our" Babayara's name was immortalized by the indigenous Asantes with open arms, Ohene Djan's name was rejected else where in Accra because some bigots think the name is alien to Ga Culture. I will always be grateful to the indigenous communities of Kumasi for their tolerance, hospitality, and diplomacy.

There were countless occasions when my brothers from the Zongo Community had to unleash violence in the City of Kumasi with impunity, with the least

provocation. I thank God that there has never been reprisal attacks

from the indigenous tribe. Of course we don't value our treasure until

we lose it.

When my brothers at Hohoe Zongo irresponsibly unleashed

violence, and vandalized the palace of his highness, Togbi Ga

Gabusu,they were bitterly put into their place, and reminded of their

"size" in Gbi Land by his highness, Togbi Ga Gabusu and his people.

It took the intervention of his eminence, the National Chief Imam, Sheikh

Nuhu Sharubutu and his highness, Togbi Afedze to curtail the mayhem, and saved the Zongo Community in Hohoe from further humiliation.

Up till date, the Zongo Community in Hohoe claim they are being

marginalized by the host Community and that they are living in constant fear.

Although their woes were self inflicted, as it was prompted by some irresponsible youth of the Zongo Community, I implore the natives of Gbiland to temper Justice with mercy.

We have only one Ghana, and we need to co-habit harmoniously.

For those who fret over my safety, I have a thick skin with an invisible spirit.

And most importantly, I am fortified by the powers of the most high.

(Allah subhanahu wa tahala). Writing is more than talent with words,

it is about ambition and drive, restlessness and rage. Writing is

hard. Erica Jong. Tanko Ali Yahaya,

Independent Minded Zongorians.


Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali