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Is Former President Mahama Inciting 'Boot for Boot' Hooliganism in Election 2020?

John Mahama Ccc Former President John Dramani Mahama

Sun, 3 Feb 2019 Source: Rockson Adofo

The equalization in Ghana politics to justify wrongdoings is not only unfortunate, but also has the potential to trigger the doomsday for the country. Sometime past, then presidential aspirant Nana Akufo-Addo was lambasted by the vociferous NDC faithful for saying, "All die be die" which indeed, he was taken out of context.

Now, former President John Dramani Mahama, in my view the most corrupt, incompetent and damn irresponsible president in the annals of Ghana politics, is going about his NDC flag bearer’s campaign preaching infliction of, and resort to, violence, in Election 2020, citing their prided hooliganism mantra of "boot for boot". As if that citation was not enough, he went further to indicate that the NDC has a revolutionary background, having morphed from coup d’état Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) into its current National Democratic Congress (NDC).

I wonder why and how the NDC faithful think they are the only ones able to use violence and threats of violence to have their way in politics in Ghana. I don’t blame them, but the impotency of law enforcement and the obvious support for criminals in Ghana hence every Tom, Dick and Harry, getting up to brazenly threaten others the way they like. Instead of having and strengthening our institutions, Ghanaians are rather creating and worshipping human monsters to our own self-detriment. No wonder that our contemporary Whites see us not only as subhuman but entities not worth any purpose.

Was it not under former President Mahama that almost all Ghana waters came under severe devastation through illegal surface mining (galamsey) masterminded by him and his corrupt NDC government Ministers, and orchestrated by foreigners of whom the Chinese were principal with their Ghanaian employees being underdogs? Under him, many things not worth mentioning because of their denigration to the Ghanaian as a human being, did happen in Ghana, culminating in the creation of super rich persons through corruption e.g. his younger half-sibling Ibrahim Mahama, practice of selective justice and all sorts of dehumanizing oppressive activities.

"Who born dog", courtesy to former President Jerry John Rawlings, for former president Mahama to think that with violence he can ride back to power in 2020? His alleged enrichment through corruption, will not let him come back to power should he pay all hooligans and macho men in Ghana to rally behind him through embarking on intimidating or inflicting violence on the Ghanaian electorates.

Let former President Mahama bear in mind that "he draws the sword, dies by the sword", so Jesus Christ said in the bible. Therefore, he will be consumed by his own initiated violence when the time comes. If he thinks his money can buy him infliction of violence to cow Ghanaians for him to win the election through foul, to come back to steal more money, as insatiably greedy as he is, then he is a damn dreamer.

Is that how to resolve a problem by thinking "violence begets violence" is the tool to wield to achieve his comeback political objective? During the recent North/South Wuogon by-election, was it not the NDC that carted some hooligans called the Invisible or Invincible Forces from the North to descend on Accra? What was their motive? To cause violence? If they had suffered the fate of their own violence, why should former President Mahama capitalize on it to irresponsibly incite further violence on Ghanaians? As rightly said by a Ghanaian lawyer, will his own sons or children now living in luxury abroad come to Ghana during Election 2020 to participate in the "boot for boot" fight or they will still remain abroad enjoying their father’s stolen wealth while innocent but ignorant Ghanaians die fighting for him to come back to power to steal more money for his selfish ends?

I am really ashamed to have ever had former President Mahama as the President of my beloved country Ghana owing to his little-mindedness and fullness of love of corruption. If he calls for "boot for boot", I only hope he doesn’t seek any escape route when the situation gets out of control to become deadly.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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