Is there Really any Intelligent Person Left in the NDC Party?

Mon, 10 Jun 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

At a cursory glance at the heading of this write-up, the enemies of truth will rush on the writer like a hungry-hunting pride of lions. They will attempt to floor him with their insults, tear him into pieces by their ignorance and devour him by their inimical political partisanship. Be that as it may, that fountain of overflowing wisdom situated at Kumawu/Asiampa will in the face of adversities likely to encounter at the hands of the insanely political fanatics, will continue to beckon to them to come and quench their thirst drinking from his non oozing but glitteringly spouting fountain of wisdom.

It hurts to tell the truth but I shall always tell it as in the end, it will bring comfort to all people concerned. Back to the main topic, "are there really any intelligent people left in the NDC party?" Why do I query as stated, a curiously shocked person may ask? The answers are not far fetched. In the face of impregnable credible evidence and argument, the NDC are always seen in their numbers to be strongly intransigently of a contrary view. A case in point to buttress my contention is the definition for over-voting. From the NDC General Secretary (Johnson Asiedu Nketiah) through Dr Afari Gyan to the spokesperson for the respondents' legal team, Lawyer Amaliba, they all share the same nonsensical disgraceful view. By them, "Over-voting is when the ballots cast exceed the number of registered voters on the voter's register" whereas the sensible and most acceptable general definition is, "over-voting is when the ballots in the ballot box outnumber verified votes cast". Therefore, what do we say about a situation where all NDC people are supportive of the ludicrous explanation and definition offered by Asiedu Nketiah et al? They are not intelligent!

Moreover, when all political parties and Ghanaians have been made to understand what is NVNV (No Verification No Vote, and "if I say verification I mean biometrically", says Dr Afari Gyan), same author of the abbreviation and his bunch of NDC supporters are today telling us the contrary. Dr Afari Gyan sneaks in a bogus component named "Temporary trauma" to allow people to vote without going through biometric verification. As usual, those exhibiting lack of intelligence but with unquestionable allegiance to the NDC have rallied behind the preposterous attempt by Dr Afari Gyan to rather make appear authentic his guilt, or better still, to masquerade his collusion with some personalities or party to rig Election 2012 for then presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama.

To make things clearer to the NDC as to how they have childishly been portraying themselves in the eyes of many an intelligent person, I shall reproduce the dictionary definition of biometric here. BIOMETRIC is defined as 1."Pertaining to, noting, or using a person's unique physical and other traits for the purposes of identification and security" 2. "Relating to digital scanning of the physiological or behavioural characteristics of individuals as a means of identification: biometric fingerprinting" Apart from the lepers (those suffering from "Permanent trauma") that were exempted from the rule with indication of "FO" (Face Only) against their names on the voter register, how could they justify the possibility of anyone else voting without biometric verification? The idea of "temporary trauma" as smuggled in by Dr Afari Gyan, supported by the respondents' counsels and the entire NDC family must be expunged - it is neither here nor there.

Allegiance to political party or persuasion should not be any sufficient reason to rob one of their common sense or their sense of patriotism. However, this has become a chronic disease within, and tormenting, the entire NDC family. Could this be intelligence?

One Alfred Agbesi Woyome fraudulently availed himself of GHC51.2 Million belonging to the State. For being a self-styled financier of the NDC party, the NDC are supportive of his action even though it is criminal. Is this intelligence? No way!

Presidential Election 2012 is alleged rigged in favour of now President John Dramani Mahama. To distract the attention and focus of the people from the court case, the NDC out of malevolence and utter mischief, keep on posting campaign posters of Alan Kyeremateng for 2016 in public places. They are now in the process of pasting those of Dr Bawumia in various towns and cities with intent to causing division within the NPP. The NDC plan to weaken the NPP through that intentional act of mischief, and then hope the Supreme Court will judge the case in their favour, being the stronger party without fissures. They think the court will decide in favour of the stronger party. Is this opinion of theirs not bordered on sheer stupidity? Let them understand that the Supreme Court will decide the case on the merit of the veracity, voluminosity and credibility of evidential documents in front of the court but not on caprices.

Is it intelligence to believe that by giving the nation's money to a few loudmouthed persons e.g. Kwesi Pratt, radio phone-in serial callers and lawless NDC foot soldiers, to go out to defend the government no matter how irresponsible her actions are, indicates the successful administration of the nation?

I am sorry to say the NDC way of reasoning is far out of the norm and widely divergent from the truth. To them, conniving with crooks to steal the nation's money via Judgment Debt Payments is clever, right and blissful. Is this an act of intelligence? No, it is all silliness!

I leave it to the readers to decide but please, be truthful to yourself, your conscience and the greater Ghanaian public. "Opinions are a great deal like. Everybody has one". I respect your opinions but please, do not let them be as ugly as the thinking of NDC fanatics.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson