Is there a natural Ga leader in Ghana?

Sat, 14 Sep 2013 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

Final Part

This is the concluding part of my 4 series article examining the chances of the Ga person rising through the two largest parties in Ghana N.P.P and N.D.C to become president of Ghana.

It can be seen that even though both N.P.P and N.D.C have capable Ga persons in their party who can become presidents, it will remain a mirage if we rely on only those two political parties. Unfortunately, the other political parties have become appendages of the other parties.

The C.P.P once aligned itself to the N.P.P and is now said to have a soft spot for the N.D.C, the PNC is divided between N.P.P and N.D.C with key figures like Abu Ramadan and Bernard Mornah aligning themselves with either N.P.P or N.D.C. The P.P.P is known as an appendage of the N.P.P while the N.D.P only exists to cause problems for the N.D.C.

So the question is, where does it leave us? Where will the Ga person rise up to become President of Ghana? We are in the middle of the deep blue sea with hopes fading. Unless the N.P.P has a Northerner as a Flagbearer with a Southerner as a running mate, key Ga figures can and should forget about rising through the N.P.P. It is so sad because the N.P.P has the largest collection of Ga intellectuals who if they had found themselves in the N.D.C, would have been credible contenders for a presidential slot. Unfortunately they settled for little crumbs in the N.P.P.

This then leaves us with the N.D.C. It is a sure bet that the N.D.C provides a better platform for the Ga person to rise to the top. The N.D.C is quite multi ethnic without any tribe having the clear cut advantage. The N.D.C /has attracted votes in every part of the country and people of all shades can find comfort under the umbrella.

Sadly, the N.D.C party has been unable to attract Ga intellectuals like the N.P.P. Can the N.D.C boast of highly intellectual people like Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye and Nii Ayikwei Otoo in their midst? Knowledgeable Ga intellectuals find the N.P.P more attractive than the N.D.C and the reason is not farfetched.

The average Ga intellectual looks down on his fellow Ga people. While the average Ashanti, Okwawu or Bono person looks for ways to help themselves if they find their way to the top, the Ga man will rather do everything to prevent his less fortunate Gas from rising to the top.

People accuse the Ewes of being inward looking because wherever the Ewe person finds himself, he creates opportunity for his colleague Ewes. This is why the Ministries, Department and Governmental agencies have large collection of Ewes against other tribes. This is what I call looking out for you own!

The Ga person if he climbs up the ladder quickly creates a barrier to prevent similar Gas from reaching where he or she is. Now let me give you an example.

I live in Kumasi where there are motley of other tribes who have made their home here. We have Anloga where 98% of the people are Ewes looking out for their own. Go to Aboabo, Sawaba, Moshie Zongo, Yelwa, Asawasi and Ayigya where you have the largest collection of Northerners staying together and looking out for themselves. Go to Fante Newtown where you have Fantes dwelling together and protecting themselves. What about Gas?

You may think Gas do not like travelling but I was amazed when I found significant population of Gas dwelling in the Ashanti Region. Some of them were even born here but never do they look out for their own. You don’t find them dwelling together hence becomes easy prey for other tribes. The average Ga man wishes for the downfall of his fellow Ga man which explains how a Ga parent will eject their children from a room and rent it out to other tribes!

The point I am making is that Ga intellectuals in the N.P.P will find the N.D.C unattractive because the N.D.C is a true grassroots’ party with majority of their supporters being either uneducated or in rural areas. If you look at Ghana’s voting patterns, majority of N.D.C votes comes from rural areas with Accra being no exception. Hence, true to the spirit of the Ga person who looks down on his fellow unfortunate Ga person, the average Ga intellectual will rather want to wine and dine with his fellow intellectuals from other tribes. They find the N.P.P attractive because in there, they can speak big English and strive hard to be accepted.

This reminds me of Black intellectuals in the U.S.A who speak down on their own Blacks to court the favor of their white paymasters. In South Africa during the apartheid, Black Policemen were given whips to whip their own Blacks who step out of line. Blacks have been used to oppress their own Blacks because of trying to gain favor from their white friends.

We have similar cases in Ga where highly respected Ga intellectuals are treated like dirt in the N.P.P but they still like it because having low self-esteem, they find the company and comfort of other tribes more acceptable than reaching out to their own people. They will rather be treated like nonentities by the kingpins in the N.P.P than be treated like Kings among their own people! So sad!

The way forward is for every true Ga to rise up and demand our own pound of flesh. I am setting an agenda 2020 where in the year 2020 active Ga elements in both N.P.P and N.D.C will demand forcefully either a Ga person is made the Flagbearer or at least for a start a running mate. This will put us in good stead to have a shot at the Presidency. We have been given two Speaker of Parliaments and Two Chief Justices, what we need is the presidency which must be nonnegotiable in 2020. I say year 2020 because President Mahama will definitely be retained in 2016 because in our country, an incumbent president will never lose an election. N.P.P diehards can dispute this fact but that is the gospel truth!

Gas must resolve to vote for any Party that features either a Ga as a Presidential candidate or a running mate. We must have a militant wing that will protect the language, identity and culture of the Gas. Our kings have failed us. They have been too greedy selling lands and their own people into slavery. The Ga-Adangbe Youth council formed was an insult to Gas. How can you have an association fighting for the interest of Gas being headed by K.B ASANTE? K.B ASANTE? It is like having an Asanteman Kuo being headed by K. Kpakpo Lomotey! You know that is an aberration and wouldn’t happen!

Finally, I propose that a form of Ga conference must be held where all true Gas must come together and find solutions to the myriads of problem plaguing the Ga state. A communiqué must be issued that stresses the importance of having a Ga person in the helm of affairs in 2020. This will attract insults and opprobrium from some people but we must stand firm and unwavering in our stand. United we stand, divided we fall.

Gamei ei, ny3 tieshi shi ashishi nye tso!

I rest my case!



Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo