It is not for me to tell Ghanaweb how to do its work.

Sun, 17 Feb 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

However, since it is based in the US (if what one hears is correct), the litigation capital of the world, my humble advice is that you take a keen interest in what those who work for you do.

You have persevered for decades to build Ghanaweb up to its present level. Please don't let spiteful individuals destroy it for you.

A feature article of mine entitled "EPA: Demand Removal Of All Abandoned Underground Fuel Tanks In Ghana" has just been published by Ghanaweb without my by-line.

It has been attributed to GHP, instead. How can that be? Perhaps it is an oversight on someone's part at Ghanaweb.com?

That is most unfortunate - as it is unethical and outrageous: and unworthy of a popular and pioneering Ghanaian diasporan online platform such as Ghanaweb.com.

There have also been many instances in the past, when I have sent corrected updates, when I have spotted typographical errors in published pieces of mine on Ghanaweb.com.

Incredibly, those updates have been ignored by those who work for you - whose job it supposedly is to attend to such matters.

They are letting you down, Opanin. Surely, Ghanaweb.com ought to encourage what will improve the content it offers its users? How curious.

Please do something to stop this unfortunate culture-of-the-mediocre from ruining your life's work.

Toying with the intellectual property of others can have serious consequences for Ghanaweb.com.

Finally, and just as a matter of interest: does Okoampah Awhofe do some editing for Ghananaweb.com by any chance? It would explain many things.

Anyhow, thanks for your time - and God bless you, Opanin.

Best wishes,


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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi