It’s Time For Mills To Tour The Regions

Sat, 26 May 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

May 23, 2012

The campaign season for the 2012 elections has not yet officially started, but there are indications that it is going to be a tough election year. President Mills, therefore, needs to get out sooner than later to make a quick tour around the country. Now that President Mills has returned home after attending the G8 Summit in the United States, I strongly believe that the time is ripe for him to make his first complete tour of the country before the political campaign officially peaks.

So many things have happened to the NDC this year, some bad some good, but I believe the strong demonstration of will by President Mills in the midst of the unprofessional arsenals from JJ Rawlings, would boost his credentials the more and also reassure the NDC faithful if he make quick dashes to all the regions before the end of June 2012.

With thinking among the NDC faithful now crystallizing towards a campaign without Rawlings on board, the NDC people are yearning to see President Mills to assure them that they can run on their achievements. This is the time that President Mills has to step up and go to the regions to wake up the sleeping foot-soldiers some of whom are confused about the internal wrangling being generated by the Rawlingses for their selfish and parochial interest.

I believe President Mills has the guts to let Ghanaians see the bigger and brighter picture if he ventures out. It will also give him a good opportunity to make his case for a second term whilst discounting the lies being churned by Akufo-Addo and his poodle Mahamadu Bawumia who are now touring the country and spilling promises like trash at every stop. Going out late may not help the NDC campaign, which is why it is better for President Mills to go out and talk to the NDC people now.

The way things have turned out since the traitor/enemy talk by Rawlings during the 31st December Women’s Movement anniversary celebration, the NDC family has realized that Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu, do not wish any good thing for the NDC and that they are scheming and waiting for the downfall of the NDC in the December elections to laugh all the way to the bank.

The cool temperament so far demonstrated by President Mills against the insults of his junior brother Rawlings (Yes, President Mills is older than Rawlings), is good, but he has to take it a step further by talking to the NDC faithful. The word out there is that some of them are confused and do not know where to pledge their allegiance. That is why President Mills has to go and tell the supporters that the NDC as a party surpasses everybody; it is much bigger than any single individual, therefore, if they lose sight and vote for the NPP or stay home due to disillusionment, it would be to their own peril.

It is also time for President Mills to tell the NDC faithful that he has no interest in capturing the NDC as his personal property and that everything he is doing is for the bigger interest of Ghanaians and by extension the NDC family. The NDC foot-soldiers, some of whom are confused, need to hear these reassuring words from President Mills to eschew the apathy that is creeping up within their midst.

Rawlings and Nana Konadu have done enough damage to the NDC and President Mills, through their ranting and insults and unimaginable and huhudious allegations, therefore, for the NDC to come together and make their determined pitch to win the up-coming elections, it behooves on President Mills to rally the NDC family together. If there was any point in time that President Mills has to demonstrate his touch of bringing the NDC faithful under the big umbrella, the time is now.

The NDC needs its numbers, the party needs to be united and the family has to stay focused. The NDC is not a party of traitors, nor is it a party fighting with any perceived or unimaginable enemies. The NDC has political opponents just as any other party; therefore, those who are still living in their own world full of traitors and enemies have truly missed the mark and may still be living in the stone age.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret