Jamaica is interested in reggae music, not homosexuality

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Sun, 8 Jan 2023 Source: Joel Savage

While various African nations, such as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zambia, among others, are battling against the promotion and legalization of homosexuality in their nations by the West and the United States of America, the situation in the Caribbean is the same.

Jamaica is one of the tourist destinations that don’t want to host gays, let alone legalize LGBTQ+ people in their society. It is dangerous to try to come out as gay in Jamaica, like in many other African nations.

The world is ruled by money, power, and greed, and the only way for rich nations to reign over poor nations is by using horrible political tactics to keep the latter poor. The reggae legend Bob Marley sang in one of his songs called "Ambush in the Night," "Through political strategy, they keep us hungry, and if you going to get some food, your brother got to be your enemy."

The developed world purposefully makes it difficult for developing nations to be subjugated.

When you're in a developing nation, you shouldn't go to the developed world to beg for bread and money because they will tell you what to do. The legalization of homosexuality has been the US government's top priority. The US government is willing to give any African country the largest cash donation, just to legalize homosexuality on the Black Continent, since they care about the LGBTQ+ community, they see this as a means to assist Africa, but this is a false goal.

Any government that respects cultural values and considers the health of the populace will not believe that legalizing homosexuality is necessary for the people since nations like Jamaica and Africa are battling diseases and need money to upgrade their healthcare and educational facilities.

The idea behind homosexuality is total force; they want to rule the world's population, especially in wealthy African countries, to satisfy their power and greed.

However, they continue to accuse nations who do not accept violating human rights. While it may be someone's choice to love the other sex and that homosexuality is a personal choice, the US government will not stop at anything to impose homosexuality on a nation that has no desire for it.

Although the US Government is Zambia's largest assistance provider, the president of that nation has stated that no amount of money can compel the government to legalize homosexuality in that nation.

Why isn't legalizing homosexuality a priority for African nations or other diaspora-based African nations like Jamaica? Do not be too proud to declare as gay in Jamaica, if you want to understand what it is like to live in continual terror.

The Bible was used by the West and the US government to mislead black people, but through time, they have benefited from knowing what is right and wrong. This is something that the West and the US government have failed to comprehend. Africans will embrace the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality whether it was written by white men to oppress black people or by men of God.

The government of Jamaica prohibits same-sex marriage and you risk up to ten years in prison, similar to many African nations. One of the leaders of the gay and lesbian movement in Jamaica, Brian Williamson was assassinated in 2004.

In actuality, the West and the US government do not want to acknowledge that nations that are against homosexuality are also against the freedom to choose one's sexual orientation since it is against their culture and traditions, instead, they claim that Africans hate gays.

In 2011, a survey was conducted among the population of Jamaica on the topic of legalizing homosexuality; 85% of the population aged between 18 and 84 were against it and 82% said it was immoral. Such surveys reveal that the majority aren’t interested in homosexuality, therefore; there is no need for the West and the US government to push the agenda for the legalization of homosexuality in such countries, but the rich nations find it difficult to accept "no" as an answer. They continue to utilize money as a lure to this day.

It infuriates many when these former slaves' masters return and tell them to accept this or that because, like many Africans and those in the Diaspora, including Jamaica, all of them are fighting to free themselves from the psychological scars of slavery.

It also infuriates many when none of these developed country leaders pay attention to the voice of the leaders in developing countries. harassment.

Antoinette Haughton, a radio personality, claims "Homosexuals should reside somewhere if they wish to express themselves freely. They aim to indoctrinate our kids and convince them that living immorally is beneficial." Errol Hall, an evangelist, supported her remark and said:

"They identify as homosexuals and wish to keep that identity. Why do they wish to continue becoming the people whom they loathe and hate others not willing to be them?" Hall exhorted gays to attend church in one of his lectures so that he might "cast out the demons from them."

If Jamaica doesn't want something, likely, other African countries won't either since Jamaica is Africa and Africa is Jamaica. We revere, adore, and respect our cultural traditions, the West and the US should eventually concede that Jamaica or Africa is not ready to tolerate or legalize homosexuality.

Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, and all the other famous reggae musicians are from Jamaica, where they advocated for cultural values and condemned crime and poverty rather than legalizing homosexuality.

Columnist: Joel Savage