K. T Hammond must be disciplined and voted out - NPP Constituency Chairman

Wed, 11 Mar 2020 Source: Peace FM

I wish to petition the Ashanti Regional Disciplinary Committee to call Mr. KT Hammond to order for his unfortunate outburst against the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party.

I read his irresponsible comments about the Ashanti Regional Chairman and I ask that a swift disciplinary action should be taken against him.

It’s sad that we have such persons whose speeches are misguided as our representatives in parliament as a region. His choice of words are irresponsible, baseless and lacks relevance. There’s no prudent justification for him to attack the hard working Chairman of the Ashanti Region, NPP.

I thereby petition the higher committees to take all constitutionally required sanctions against him.

Also, as a Constituency Chairman, I will do everything within my reach to get such personality out of our parliamentary leadership.

Mr. K.T Hammond has been known for such unguided outbursts and the earlier he’s matched out of our parliamentary leadership, the better for us all.

Most importantly, the people he represents are not happy with him and his utterances and the party may suffer vote apathy if he’s retained on the parliamentary ticket of the NPP.

He’s seen as a loose talker and this has affected the NPP in the Adansi constituency over this years. K. T Hammond is also known as a threat to the fortunes of the NPP in the constituency.

It must be made clear that the party stands to benefit immensely if he’s disciplined and voted against in the upcoming primaries.

It must be mentioned that we need to get his egotistical self out of our parliamentary leadership.


Akwasi Nti Asamoah

Fomena Chairman, NPP

Columnist: Peace FM
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