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John Dumelo Story (Part 2): A case of political witch hunting

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Sat, 1 Apr 2017 Source: Daily Post

By: Daily Post

Dumelo and others who supported Mahama are caught in the witch hunt and retribution that the NPP is so good at. Many celebrities who supported President Mahama have been harassed and vilified in the media. A smear campaign against them has compelled many faint-hearted ones to be led to President Akufo Addo to apologise for supporting Mahama.

The principled ones who have refused to be humiliated have been targeted for destruction under the NPP "scorched earth" policy. Fake news websites concoct scandals about them. Eggs are thrown at them when they perform. They are threatened with physical abuse in public.

This is a very low point for our country and shameful of a party that touts its democratic credentials. It represents the height of political intolerance ever experienced by many Ghanaians. Indeed there is an uncanny resemblance of the divisiveness triggered by Trump's rise to power in the US and Nana Addo's ascent to the Presidency in Ghana.

Indeed it's a trend across Africa now where younger leaders who are not as compliant to the control of the "dark political forces" and their international collaborators are being targeted for removal using " fake news", mainstream and new media instruments of disinformation, clubs of political commentators, presenters, Civil Society Organizations, Think Tanks, occupy movements, the clergy, traditional leaders, professional labour groups etc. These are all mobilized into a conspiracy against the targeted administration. The modus operandi is the same in all cases. It's been successful in several elections already and many more are being targeted.

Fake news and disinformation is used in a major way and misleading messages designed to create hate for the administration they wish to dislodge are carefully targeted at identified groups of the electorate. Even advance countries are not immune as the unravelling situation in the US is indicating. There's evidence of such populist meddling in many other countries across the globe.

The collaboration of international and domestic forces against Mahama was obvious from the posting of a new UK High Commissioner to Ghana. From the moment of his arrival, the intent of UK was obvious. A category of unconventional Ambassadors exists in the UK's arsenal in the mould of Craig Murray. These High Commissioners are deliberately posted to countries where the UK seeks regime change.

Craig Murray slept at the Electoral commission strong room in 2000 as an agent of the NPP to ensure a victory for the then Candidate John Agyekum Kufuor. John Benjamin, the UK's current High Commissioner in Ghana is a direct reincarnation of Murray in the digital age. His physical and social media activity clearly exposed his mission in Ghana; to ensure a change of regime. Since the December 2016 election, he has been a fixture at all events of the Nana Addo family. Drinking and dancing excitedly at Nana Addo's brother Bumty's party, attending outdoorings of t he family and posting silly partisan tweets are all the trademarks of a partisan High Commissioner.

President Mahama has himself to blame. He should not have granted an agreement to such a diplomat in the first place and should have kicked him out as he was kicked out in Kirgizstan the instant his objectives became obvious. The harm has been done. Mission accomplished. He leaves in May.

There will be very few tears shed at his departure except for the Akufo Addo family and their closest circles. Farewell Benjamin as you return to the FCO until you are required again to assist in regime change in some hapless developing country.

Back to Dumelo, one instrument in the arsenal of the dark forces is deflection. Dumelo's car was picked up while he was abroad almost four weeks ago. The story was kept until they could add all the salacious fake news encomiums, falsely dragging the name of the former First Lady in, and lying that the vehicle was being resprayed. When the negative news of the assault on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator broke, it was time to throw in the Dumelo story. Pure and simple political propaganda!

Mr. Dumelo is working with his lawyers. The option open to him is to fully pay for the vehicle and demand a new non-controversial vehicle from the dealer, while the dealer sorts out his payment and legal issues with the government.

Ghanaians are living in troubling times and the hypocrisy of the groups that came together to dislodge Mahama is becoming apparent. Their silence in the light of current developments is loud. "Nyansafoeeeee mo wor hin".

This fascist government has its thugs on the loose harassing innocent citizens, maligning anyone perceived to be against t hem and smearing mud at any one who has opposed them. We are sowing a wind, and our silence will reap us a whirlwind.

Recent events involving the Delta Forces and Invisible Forces and the rantings of a fevered mind such as Kennedy Agyapong are the greatest threat to Ghana's security and stability. Mark our words!!

Columnist: Daily Post
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