Spotlight on Baffour Agyemang Sarkodie; NPP Youth Organizer of Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency

Baffour Agyemang Sarkodie1 NPP Youth Organizer, Nsawam Adoagyiri , Mr. Baffour Agyemang Sarkodie

Thu, 6 May 2021 Source: Kwaku Yeboah

Introducing the affable, people centered, astute entrepreneur and the NPP Youth Organizer of the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency of the Eastern Region, Mr. Baffour Agyemang Sarkodie.

Mr. Sarkodie is one of the most hardworking young men of the NPP whose contribution to the electoral fortunes of the party in the Nsawam Adoagyiri constituency and the Eastern Region at large cannot be overemphasized.

Mr. Sarkodie has served the NPP and the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency in diverse ways worth bringing to the fore. He has been a onetime chairman of the youth wing of the constituency, a polling station executive and now the Youth Organizer of the constituency.

In the run up to the just ended 2020 General Elections, Mr. Sarkodie in his role as the Youth Organizer of the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency, rallied the youth wing of the party to tout the achievements of the NPP government in the last four years and to also propagate the 2020 manifesto of the party.

He moved from hamlet to hamlet, village to village, town to town and house to house to drum home the "leadership of service" message of the NPP to the electorates. His respect for all and sundry regardless of gender, age and status played a key role in the achievement of this feat that essentially culminated in the increased margin of victory of the NPP in the constituency.

As a young philanthropist par excellence, Mr. Sarkodie has over the years supported the growth and development of the human resources of the Nsawam Adoagyiri constituency. He has often times not only used his good offices to secure tertiary school admissions to prospective students but has also provided financial assistance to many of the students who gained admission to the various tertiary institutions.

His interest in the basic education of young pupils in the constituency is also something to write home about. He does not only periodically donate learning materials to some of these selected basic schools but also provides financial assistance to needy BECE candidates who mostly require transportation from their villages to the BECE examination centers.

Again, his desire to give back to society and help uplift others has seen him sponsor many party business starters with the required startup capital to initiate their businesses. Key amongst them is the provision of commercial vehicles to prospective commercial drivers on the popular 'work and pay' basis.

Also, his generosity, kindheartedness and love for humanity has seen him provide financial assistance to many widows, the aged and the vulnerable in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency.

Keep being you Mr. Baffour Agyemang Sarkodie, the future is bright.

Columnist: Kwaku Yeboah
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