Lessons from Bujumbura And Gitega

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Fri, 12 Jun 2020 Source: Sam Aboagye-Amoa-Esa, Esq.

The out-going President of Burundi is reported dead at the very young age of 55, on Monday, 8th June 2020. He is alleged to have died of COVID-19. The first lady is currently recovering from the virus and it's also alleged a number of their family members are battling COVID-19.

Under the Burundian constitution, the President of the National Assembly is to assume office in the interim before the President-elect: Evariste Ndayishiniye is sworn-in in August.

It's not clear if the President of the National Assembly and the President-elect are themselves free from the virus. Burundi will be in a labyrinth if the two top gentlemen of the land are COVID-19 victims and end up in an intensive care unit (ICU).

But is Ghana so COVID-19 secured to organise a national registration exercise and also a general election all within 6 months? This question doesn't require Socrates to answer.

Even if there's a need to replace the current voter's register, doesn't the COVID-19 pandemic make the exercise redundant in the interim?

Especially, where the same voters register has been used to elect both an NDC and an NPP President as well as other local elections recently.

Exposing Ghanaians twice in long queues for registering and voting within 6 months is too much a risk to undertake.

What will be the utility value of a new voter's ID card if the holder will not be alive to vote or in an ICU due to COVID-19?

Auntie Jean, in the name of God - Please spare Ghanaians this double exposure and agony.

Columnist: Sam Aboagye-Amoa-Esa, Esq.
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