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Let’s call a spade a spade; if anyone says he loves Ghana but hates the ruling of NPP that person is a liar

There is a saying in our local parlance that says if the young speaks about certain issues they say he is a bad young person if the elderly say the same issue they say he is a bad old fellow.if then my dear reader ,who should say.There is one thing I observed growing in a village "until the animals in the bush learn how to write their own story all other stories written will favor the hunter alone and no other species.

Let no one compare NPP to Ndc the person will be doing a total disservice to mother Ghana . It is never done .And should any one say we should put Npp and Ndc somewhere and go for an alternative the person will be doing soap opera comparing NPP to Ndc is like comparing Christ with Satan which is never done or comparing light with darkness which have no bearing with each other.

Breathen let me start from the foundation and ideology of the NPP and Ndc and see if they can be compared.

First [Npp].Centre right political party,property owning democracy,development in freedom,respct for Human right and administrative justice .

[Ndc] revolutionary ,thuggery ,thievery, Hooliganism, create loot and share,survival of the fittest,medals for coup detal etc.recently added social democracy which they don't even understand. Let the Ndc show me one social intervention .I mean only one.

In furtherance to that are we saying the Cpp which almost turned this country to one party state is the one we should go for or PNC who only mindset is colanut and not cocoa or any other cash crop matters.

Let me be emphatic to you that anytime Ndc is in power streetism increases,prostitution increases,Arm robbery increases,unemployment increases, our economy declines,hardship increases,we stop talking about standard of living,cost of living becomes a daily issue,there is a leadership quagmire.

My friends in the diaspora will attest to the fact that remittances to our family and friends back home becomes a pain in our neck when Ndc is in power because it becomes mandatory rather than the usual pleasure.

The Npp Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo FREE EDUCATION alone even with its double track alone surpasses what any other government has done since independence.If you say education is not good try illiteracy which is a disease in Africa.No country have developed without education .in essence education should be the number one priority of any nation and ask yourself why have we not tackle this since independence. Common sence they say is not common to everyone ,perhaps if there is how come all the western world have their foundation from education yet Africans and for that matter Ghanaians have left it to the gutters only for one man Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and his NPP to make it a reality now.

It even surpasses the independence which was done hastily by President Nkrumah without thinking for our preparedness for self rule.Again the national health insurance by president Kuffuor also of NPP can also never be compared to any other previous government innitiative,Even today animals in the bush are doing insurance for themselves and the unborn by innitiating pragmantic hiding schemes not to be caught unaware by their common enemies and countries enacting strict laws towards protecting animals.

Is it operation feed your self by General Kutu Acheampong who turn out not to know his left from his right or 1979 coup de tal which turned out that President Jerry Rawlings and his few friends were hungry and needed something for themselves rather than the much touted national interest and has since become abatrouus on the people of Ghana thereby metamorphosing into the Ndc today without recourse.

The good people of this country let me there mention few other things of the Npp to remove the spectacles from your eyes ,things like free maternal care LEAP,School feeding program,one district one factory, one constituency one dam,one constituency one million dollar,development authorities,national youth employment, planting for food and jobs,removal and and reduction of 17 killer taxes ,digital address system,national identification system,one district one warehouse,paperless system,200 police vehicles,fiscal council,youth in afforestation,NABCO,etc were not from Jupiter or Saturn but are well thought out ideas from people who dream ,plan,implement and guide towards the survival and fruitfulness of a nation and not their individual pockets.

Ponder over this and do not depart from this day and night and give the Npp uninterrupted twenty (20) years or more to change the fortunes of this nation. DONOT FORGET FREE EDUCATION IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY GHANA WITH OR WITHOUT INDEPENDENCE. LONG LIVE NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO,long live NPP,long live GHANA our motherland.

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