Let the Asante Versus Akyem Internecine War Flow!!!

Wed, 5 Jun 2013 Source: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka

Wereko Brobbey: Let the Asante Versus Akyem Internecine War Flow!!!

Not too long ago, President Kufour was in power and it was time to fete the sons, daughters, nephews and nieces of the UP/NLM/PP/UNC/NPP stalwarts. So, whether they were qualified or not, Kufour, himself a water boy for the NLM and head of the NPP, gave some of them lofty positions. The assumption that anyone with a doctorate or higher degree is qualified or competent for any job is a crippling mindset that continues to adversely impact Ghana but has completely colored the NPP party. Such consideration, among selfish others, is what led to the appointment of Dr Wereko Brobbey (Tarzan) as VRA's CEO. What happened after his appointment is a titillating tale that could not have been predicted. I think the verdict is there for all discerning citizens to see.

Dr. Wereko was a complete failure at VRA. He probably had good intentions to change VRA. God knows VRA needs a huge dose of change. Our current energy plight tells the story loudly. What Dr. Brobbey did not know or learn is that, academic titles do not guarantee successful planned change. Of course Dr Brobbey is also not known for his commonsense approach. Unfortunately, his grenade management style led to consternation and upheaval at VRA, leading to his reluctant removal by Kufour's regime. In the end, his good intentions were predictably met with tea party style resistance. As if his removal was not enough to save him from himself, he later successfully sued the government of Ghana and won. Talk about judgment debt NPP style.

Given all the above, one would assume that Kufour’s government will learn its lesson and steer clear off Dr. Wereko Brobbey. Oh no! Next came the clever idea by the NPP to rip Ghana off by way of Ghana@50. Party faithfuls were given contracts for which they were not qualified, accountable or responsible. Here, Wereko Brobbey teamed up with the inveterately corrupt Mpiani, secretary to the president, to rob Ghana repeatedly. When some of us raised the issue of corruption, the NPP defended Wereko Brobbey to the very end. Of course our parliament was feckless in its oversight responsibility. In fact, Mr. Brobbey told Ghanaians that he owes them nothing and was not responsible and accountable to them. Of particular interest is contract that was awarded to Mr. Bobbey to build toilets for Accra so that visitors to Ghana@ 50 could find places of convenience. The latter did not materialize as envisaged. Indeed his accomplice, Mpiani, also called our bluff and eventually, they both got away with it. NPP power at work!!

Fast forward to today! Dr. Wereko Brobbey, the nephew of Victor Owusu and darling of NPP, is now the black sheep of the NPP. Why is Mr. Brobbey being vilified, when not too long ago, he was the darling of the party? Why is the so called party of democracy intolerant to freedom of opinion? All of sudden, Mr. Brobbey is fighting under a heap of vitriol and scum from the NPP attack dogs. Indeed, NPP folks are reminding Dr. Brobbey about how they saved his behind when he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. In effect, the NPP knew Dr Brobbey was corrupt and incompetent but still defended him because he was one of them. Can all Ghanaians see how partisanship is ruining country Ghana? Here we have an incompetent radioactive individual, known for leaving destruction in his wake every where he trudges, yet he stands free. Why did the NPP party foist him on the country at any cost. Why continue to do business with a villain?

Today, Dr Brobbey is criticizing his own party. Most cannot understand why, an NPP insider and favorite son, will do the party in at a time when it is contesting an election in court. Why is Wereko Brobbey speaking up now? Why is he exposing the incompetence and schism that exist in the NPP? Why is he degrading, maligning and denigrating Dr Bawumia? Why is the crocodile jetting to the surface of the water with vital inside information? First of all, is he speaking the truth, even if he is spiteful? Is Bawumia clueless about our electoral system? Was the NPP wrong in going to court? Did the NPP make serious mistakes? If he is speaking the truth, can the NPP appreciate it and correct their mistakes? If he is not telling the truth, will the NPP debunk his assertions instead of raining insult and curses on him? Of course he should not be washing the dirty linen of the holier than thou NPP in public. However, each must choose his poison and live by it. As I said earlier, Mr. Brobbey is not known for his exercise of commonsense and this could be one such instance.

One reason adduced for Wereko’s volcanic eruption goes as follows. This action by Wereko Brobbey is proxy war. Wereko is here to disable the Akyem Mafia within the NPP party. He is eying a run by Alan Cash, or perhaps himself, as such, the earlier Nana Addo is sent packing the better the Asante Mafia can take center stage and run their beloved NPP. I think Nana is well aware that Kufour's side of the NPP wants no part of this court case. Nana must also know that the attempt by the Akyem NPP mafia to hoist Bawumia as flagbearer, when it is veritably the turn of Alan Cash, a favorite of the Asante NPP wing, is responsible for the mini-nukes coming from one man thousand Tarzan. If you think Tarzan does not have his own supporters in the party, think again. The silence from the NPP stalwart in Oseikrom should be your cue. Oseikrom is winking and nodding this one!

I am sure there is no love lost between Nana Addo and Dr Wereko Brobbey. Perhaps Wereko is out to avenge the defeat of his uncle because of the Akyem breakaway led by Paa Willie. Is Wereko Brobbey doing the bidding of Alan Cash? If so, has Alan Cash wisely distanced himself from Wereko’s vituperations? Why, by the way, has Alan Cash been absent in NPP’s quest for alleged justice in court? What really is the relationship between Alan Cash and Nana Addo? As I predicted in one of my articles, the Asante-Akyem divide in the NPP may well be the dividing force that brings down the NPP in the next election, if not addressed extensively. The 2016 Bawumia for president ploy by the Akyem Mafia has Oseikrom reeling with fury and cocked Glocks. Nana Addo is not going quietly and the bloodletting has just began. All die bi die in full force!

The fallout of this internecine rivalry within the NPP may end up alienating the Northern vote. Here and again, the parochial nature of the NPP party comes to play. If Bawumia is knocked off his momentary lofty perch, as sure he would, Aliu Mahama's fate may have befallen him as well. Will it be sheer coincidence or a revelation of the true character of the NPP party? How will the North react if their son is relegated to the back of the bus again? Will it reinforce the NPP tradition of only featuring folks from the North as Vice Presidents? Asem beba dabi!!

Another reason for Wereko’s critism of NPP’s handling of the elections at the same time as he lavishes generous praise on General Mosquito for his fantastic display in court, is possibly financial influence by the NDC. Is Wereko angling for a post or financial windfall from the NDC? Is the NDC courting trouble by engaging Wereko Brobbey? This hypothesis seems a bit farfetched. I just cannot see how a so called founding father of the NPP can jump ship to or carry water for the NDC. Wereko may be prone to corruption but I don't think he is that dumb or careless.

What did the NPP do to provoke Wereko Brobbey into such pleasant revulsion? Perhaps, warts and all, Wereko Brobbey is a maverick who is not afraid to speak his mind. Hopefully, he is able to cut both sides. Hopefully, he is not losing his marbles. Indeed, carefully reading his effusions shows merit in some of the arguments that he is making. Hopefully the NPP will exercise restraint and keep their favorite son! After all, Wereko will not fare well anywhere but amongst his kinsmen. NPP must keep the baby its nurtured into full bloom. Keep your son and be tolerant NPP!!!

Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman (Now dubbed Santrofi Anomaa--Da Double Edge Sword) I don't give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it is hell--Harry Truman

Columnist: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka