Let us address the big elephant in the room before dealing with the ant

Kod Pan 11 Kwame Owusu Danso, President- FFA Ghana

Fri, 11 Oct 2019 Source: Kwame Owusu Danso

We are quick as a Nation to charge people with “Treason” without properly understanding what precipitated the need for the coup plotters to assuming without admitting engage in that ACT!!!.

Ghana is really tough and these economic quagmires and many other retrogressive political exigencies (policy-wise) are what created the necessary conditions and justifications contingent for previous coups in Ghana..

We must do more to for once in this dispensation of ours address the problems confronting the current generation and perhaps the foreseeable future generations of our Nation.

We must create the material conditions that will allow for every young person who aspire to be, be whatever they want to provided only that they are ready and willing to be and not some deliberate creation of systems to frustrate and truncate their dreams and aspirations.

Maybe our leaders have forgotten and must be reminded that, there’s a symbiotic relationship between Governance and development and quite narrowly, the development of the youth.

People are quiet but are burning with frustrations and disappointments in Governments. This will in the not distant future create NATIONAL security problems - if it hasn’t already, for us as a Nation.

Let’s move from Quantitative to qualitatively restore some confidence in the people.

We must find a way of evenly distributing the means of production for all to benefit ; not only a select few.

The world we want to see tomorrow should and must be created today!.

For they only promise us Gold and show us ordinary stones. Arise we must to demand genuine accountability from the people we vote into power.

Godspeed Comrades.

Kwame Owusu Danso

President- FFA GHANA.

Columnist: Kwame Owusu Danso