Mahama must go!

Wed, 9 Nov 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

After the public announcement of my family’s declaration of intent to solidly throw their weight behind Nana Akufo Addo, the biblical Joseph and David of our time, and the NPP, to win the upcoming 7 December 2016 Election, we have in less than no time taken our determination to chase out President Mahama from the presidency a step forward. We have come out with a movement and political slogan for Election 2016 called “MAHAMA MUST GO!”

President Mahama has served his term(s). He must be voted out for Ghanaians to have a breathing space away from the economic and financial rot he has by his actions and inactions brought to bear upon majority of Ghanaians like a tormenting curse from Satan.

He has eroded away all the economic gains chalked by former President John Agyekum Kufuor through his corrupt practices, incompetence and cluelessness hence the precariously difficult living conditions faced by the majority of Ghanaians today, under his government.

Ghanaians are no longer going to put up with the harshest economic situation they find themselves in under President Mahama who turns out not to have the least respect for them. He has abused his mandate. People can no longer entrust their lives into his hands because of his inability to manage the affairs of the country to benefit the majority of the citizens if not all citizens.

Under his watch, Chinese have flocked into Ghana to engage in illegal surface mining (galamsey), spoiling our lands and water bodies, or the ecosystem. Under his watch, nomadic Fulanis have invaded the lands of the people of Asante Agogo, raping their women, burning their farms and killing their men. Under his watch, a Chinese woman and probably other foreigners have flooded Ghana dealing in arms or better put, selling arms to people to commit armed robberies. Under his government, armed robbery has become rampant, although the worst nightmare of every Ghanaian except the perpetrators of the crime themselves.

Ghanaians are very much aware of the situations he has created over years to enable dubious persons who may be his cronies or otherwise, to defraud the nation of millions of Ghana New Cedis.

For all these, Ghanaians feel it is about time he got out of the office of the President to allow someone else to come to serve them. We are not ready for him to overstay his welcome as the President of Ghana because we cannot cope any further with his deplorable administration.

Therefore, my family and I have decided to team up with other patriotic Ghanaians to bid President Mahama a good bye on 7 December 2016. He has served his term so he has to go to create room for someone else, of course, for Nana Akufo Addo, a man of integrity, to come to serve Ghanaians with respect, selflessness, honesty and incorruptibility.

My family’s movement and slogan for voting out President Mahama come 7 December 2016 is “MAHAMA MUST GO!” This reminds me of the infamous fate that befell Ghanaians in Nigeria in 1983 that gave a name to some bag that came to identify with all Ghanaians being deported from Nigeria. It was called “Ghana Must Go”. (Same bag is called in France by Ghanaians as “Arab bag” because the Arabs use them a lot when proceeding on holiday to their North African countries). This is because that bag was within easy reach of all the Ghanaians who hurriedly needed them to pack their few items into to run to Ghana. Sorry for that inhumane treatment meted out to my fellow Ghanaians.

As it was with Ghana/Ghanaians must go in those days, so should it be with President Mahama by voting him out of power.

We should not allow him to insult our intelligence any further. He is now promising that in his next 4-year term administration, he will implement policies to curb the official corruption in Ghana of which his own very Ministers and government appointees are the orchestrators and perpetrators. Check the underlying web link to read what he had to tell Ghanaians on 7 November 2016. What an insult! It is too little too late.


I call on all friends both home and abroad to join my family to move forward their agenda “Mahama Must Go!” Share this message with all your friends until it has reached every Ghanaian in every nook and cranny of the country.

The movement has chosen to go with Mr Ampong’s song of which the video link below takes you to.


Look out for the Movement’s strategy in my next publications. Every discerning Ghanaian who wants to benefit from the blowing wind for change is an automatic member of the “MAHAMA MUST GO!” movement. Anyone can print the slogan into their clothes and wear them in public as a support for the cause of the Movement.

There is no time to delay. There is no any other better time to campaign to vote out President Mahama than now! President Mahama is now clutching on to a straw but it will be of no use in the face of the blowing wind that is sweeping everything out of its path.

God is great! The battle is still the Lord’s!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson