Mahama must resign 1st, then Prof Ohene Adjei will follow.

Fri, 7 Mar 2014 Source: Yawose, John

Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the ruling NDC, Joseph Ade Coker says the CEO of KATH, Professor Ohene Adjei must resign from his post for failing to effectively execute his official duties. Five babies have been reported missing under bizarre circumstances at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Ade Coker, speaking on U TV's morning show "Adekye Nsroma", called for heads to roll at the hospital………….. According to him, all the authorities who were present at the time the babies got missing should be sanctioned by the appropriate State authorities and management of the hospital for their ineptitude in handling the case. He further appealed to government to get to the bottom of the case. Make reference:-


After reading this news item, my mind took me to the encounter between Prophet Nathan and King David in the Old Testament. Licentiousness had taken hold of King David who was hypnotised by the beauty of Bathsheba. The woman was of course the wife of one of David’s war officers, namely, Uriah and in his absence in the battlefield, King David became a Royal Stealer and unjustly bedded and consequently impregnated her. King David did a smart cover up and arranged for Joab, his Chief of Staff to deliberately put Uriah at a dangerous location at the war front and the latter was arrowed and killed. The plan having succeeded, King David was free to marry his heart-throb Bathsheba.

The Lord was not pleased with what King David did and then sent Prophet Nathan to him to share with him the story about the rich man who had many cattle and sheep. When he had a visitor, the greedy rich man rather in a takashie Gbevlo-Lartey/NDC-like fashion took the only lamb of his poor neighbour and prepared a dish with it for his guest.

Shocked and heated David then cursed the rich man thus;- "I swear by the living LORD that the man who did this ought to die. For having done such a cruel thing, he must pay back four times as much as he took." Prophet Nathan then pointed directly at King David and exclaimed: - YOU ARE THAT MAN. ----I made you king of Israel. I gave you several properties and wives. ---Why did you do this evil thing? You had Uriah killed in battle; and then you took his wife!’’ Humbly, remorsefully and meekly David realised his sin, confessed and said openly:-I Have sinned against the Lord.’’ The Lord forgave him.

Now I come back to the call by Ade Coker to the CEO of KATH, Prof. Ohene Adjei to resign from his post for negligence, ineptitude and failing to execute his official duties, and also that all the authorities who were present at the time the babies got missing should be sanctioned by the appropriate State authorities and management of the hospital. Ade Coker further appealed to government to get to the bottom of the case.

I now become the modern day Prophet Nathan and proclaim:- ‘’ President Mahama is the guilty person’’ and by the same reasoning of Ade Coker should resign for ineptitude and failing to execute his official duties.

We all recall that, as Vice President under President Atta Mills, the former never deemed it expedient to visit the latter, his former boss when he learnt that the latter was sick in the mid 2012. At that material moment that a whole President Mills was dying, the strange thing was that there was no Vice President, no doctor, no nurse, no ambulance, no despatch driver, no Presidential Aides, no body guards, no Presidential Secretary. Strangely too, the authorities in 37 Military Hospital were not informed officially before the former President’s body was sent there. Reports are that, in fact he was brought to 37 hospital dead. That is BID, as the medicals say. A lot of people’s hands are tainted with the blood of the former President.

When are we going to get answers to the issues raised? Human life was involved in Mills affair just as the lives of the babies in the KATH issue. There are several searching questions waiting for answers from the current President and his administration with regard to Mills death. Why are these sadistic hypocrites calling for a probe into the circumstances of KATH death/missing babies and they fail to see the need to probe the circumstances of President Mills’s death? Why has President Mahama himself shied away from instituting a probe to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding his predecessor’s death all these months? President Mahama must resign for this gross ineptitude which is still a shock to the conscience of the nation.

Again, the display of ineptitude and failing to execute duties is how President Mahama is able to look at our faces and say his cabinet is not aware that almost whopping $1.2 GYEEDA fraudulent payments were made without the knowledge of cabinet between 2010/2013. Even if he was not President 2010/2011, he was still the Vice President and a member of cabinet then. So somebody must tell Ade Coker to redirect his call of resignation to Prof Ohene Adjei on grounds of ineptitude to rather President Mahama who does not deserve to remain in that high office one minute on grounds of gross ineptitude.

Further, there was gross ineptitude on the part of Mahama cabinet when they accepted CP false claim of loss or profit and compensation arising from the alleged termination of his Assin Foso /Bekwai road contract and paid huge Euro 94m, when in fact his contract was never terminated. CP just abandoned the job in one regime and claimed on grounds of termination in the next regime. NDC/Mahama/Betty Mould failed to do due diligence and Ghana paid dubiously through its nose. Who should be charged with ineptitude? Who should be accused of failing to perform their official duties? President Mahama and all the authorities present when these heinous crimes were committed are the guilty persons. Thank you Ade Coker but President Mahama must resign first and then Prof Ohene Adjei will follow.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John