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Mahama's use of Daddy Lumba's latest song

Kumasi view: Prez. Mahama’s use of Daddy Lumba’s latest song during his tour of the A/Region

Beyond the promises and the inspection of projects by the President, an occurrence that has become a subject of discussion, is the use of Daddy Lumba’s song, “Ye nie woho be to wo, yentie Obiaa, which means, do what pleases you, and do not listen to anyone”.

The use of the song has been described by observers as a subtle attempt by the president and his party to either tease political opponents or make mockery of the complaints of Ghanaians.

The song titled Yentie Obiaa, Ye nie woho beto literally means “we will not listen to anyone, do what will make you comfortable”. It is the latest song of Ghana’s renowned artist Daddy Lumba which has captured the airwaves. This song blurred through huge speakers in a vehicle that followed the President around in Kumasi and other parts of the region. Party supporters danced to the song, and in some instances the President gleefully danced to it together with other government officials.

Moving on the road and in the communities, with giant speakers mounted alongside the President’s convoy, the song was played repeatedly before and after the president’s address.

Observers believe the song was a subtle response to the opposition NPP and perhaps to the complaints of Ghanaians particularly in the Ashanti Region, on pertaining economic hardships. So the readings into the song were that “the president will do what will please him and will not listen to the complaints of the masses. For now, these reactions can only be assumptions since no official explanations have been given by the presidency or the party.

But is this song likely to be adopted for the NDC’s campaign in election 2016? Only time will tell.

Beyond the use of the song that is brewing controversy, the President has also incurred the wrath of some residents of Kumasi who find his comment about Ashantis derogatory and insulting. The President in a comment made in the Twi dialect, said Ashantis will never appreciate any good thing his Government does.

Reaction to this comment by resident of Kumasi is bad and unprintable. So does the president have people who counsel him on comments of this nature? Question from some people on the streets of Kumasi



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