Making a meal of Ahmed’s murder, NDC’s politics of opportunism

James Agalga Ospe NDC MP for Builsa North James Agalga

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 Source: Akyena Brantuo

The NDC has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Kennedy Agyapong. That is sad.

Perhaps Kennedy Agyapong might have overstepped his limit of free speech when he called for the beating of Ahmed Hussein-Suale prior to the latter’s death.

But did we require the NDC to tell us that? That attitude of watering down every important issue in this country should have been left in 2018.

After all, credible organizations like the UN, FIFA, and BBC have all condemned Kennedy Agyapong and called for speedy resolution of the murder. Should that not have sufficed?

In Ghana, the best way to destroy an important matter is to douse it with NDC -NPP. The NDC having added their voice and said the obvious they have exercised their democratic right to free speech but to what end?

Who will arrest Kennedy Agyapong because NDC said it? Who, especially when NPP is in power? Even those who made the call wearing credibility gowns will not want to be seen espousing the same view with the NDC for fear of not being taken seriously.

NDC should not cry louder than the bereaved. Even Saule's family is acting with restraint and maturity. NDC should not disturb anybody.

Trying to make a meal out of the brutal murder of an investigative journalist is rather cheap. This is not the time for the NDC to score a political point.

If not for cheap politics, what would the NDC have done differently in handling a matter like this if they were in power? How many people in the NDC will condemn this action by Ken if their member did it?

I am saying that there is a place for serious governance issues which the NDC has not earned a place to belong. While it waits to get there, we should all not be distracted.

We should be focused on finding the killers of Ahmed without the distractions and opportunistic jokes from a largely discredited Opposition Political Party.

I am saying that Ahmed's killers will be found even if the NDC want to derail that process with a joke. It’s only a temporal setback.

Columnist: Akyena Brantuo
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